How to think on your feet under pressure

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how to think on your feet under pressure

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When you have to think on your feet and you want to sound smart, make use of these speaking tips to help alleviate the pressure.

Five tips to help you think on your feet

Here's how to up your game when you're under pressure! Is there anything that brings more pressure than high-profile, high-stakes public speaking? Even for the rest of us, speaking in public is always an exercise in handling pressure. To inspire confidence in audiences, you need to stay focused. You might say that the way to handle such pressure is to prepare as much as possible concerning your content. Below are two exercises designed to help you survive and even thrive in the public speaking pressure cooker. Both are useful in giving you practice in thinking on your feet.

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We have all been there; suddenly faced by an unexpected question from boss or client and uttering a few stumbling, disjointed and limp words in reply, instead of the slick killer response we know we are capable of. Then a more fluent colleague steps in to answer the question, leaving us frustrated and embarrassed by our own failure to think on our feet. Or there's the classic 'elevator pitch' moment see box, page 56 where the big cheese gets into the lift and you have mere seconds to break the ice and sell yourself. All too often, the words we wish we had said only pop into our heads once the opportunity has passed and the lift doors have closed on le grand fromage. The truth is that thinking on your feet in such sudden high-pressure circumstances is a vital business skill, but it's also one of the more difficult to master.

Some tips and tactics. Ten 10 tips for training your tongue to deflect, disarm, and defuse any verbal conflict the Tongue Fu! Designed to help you respond proactively to challenging people in the moment, instead of your having brain freeze and thinking of the perfect response on the way home. How to prevent and recover from mind blanks. Try 'improv' to think fast on your feet. Tips for thinking on your feet when leading a discussion.

Anyone in any kind of leadership position needs to master the skill of adept thought and speech in stressful high-pressure circumstances. Here are some tips and tactics to help you think on your feet. The secret is to be prepared: learn and practice a set of skills yo u can rely on in situations that put you under pressure. Repeat what you just heard. To calm your nerves and buy yourself a little time, simply repeat the question that was asked. As an added benefit, you can double-check your understanding of the question. Always be thoroughly prepared.


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    Thinking on Your Feet: How to Communicate Under Pressure by Marian K. Woodall

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    Does your mind ever go blank when you're put on the spot? Here's how to have a brilliant response every time.

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    How to Think on Your Feet: Two Exercises for Speaking Under Pressure

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