How to paint rocks with dots

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how to paint rocks with dots

Books by Krystal Hart (Author of How To Paint Rocks With Dots)

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Published 08.10.2019

10 Easy Painted Rocks Ideas For Flower Pots Decor - DIY Dot Art Stone Painting Crafts

How to stack dots on rocks. I am constantly blown away by the talent that I see in our rock painting tutorials group! This amazing dot stacking.
Krystal Hart

Artist Turns Ocean Stones Into Tiny Mandalas By Painting Colourful Dot Patterns

Many of the students in my workshops have asked if I would hold a workshop showing how I make my art stones. So, I have scheduled a workshop on August 17, from 10 - 3 p. You will learn how to make your own stone and bring it home. You will also be able to purchase molds and Ultra Cal 30 so you can start creating art stones on your own at home. I will also be showing my art work and it will be availble for purchase as well. Come stop by, have a cool drink and enjoy the community making art together.

A little over a year ago, my twin sister and I celebrated our birthday with a hike, and it was so much fun we vowed to spend time outdoors together every month for the following year. I decided to adorn the rocks with a mandala pattern. I found dozens of online tutorials for such painting, and narrowed my choices down to three methods. All used inexpensive acrylic paint, but employed different tools used to make the dotted designs. One version used a paintbrush, one used a cotton swab and pencil, and the third used tools specifically designed for painting dots. Note: While craft stores sell smooth river stones that work well for this project, some may come coated with wax or varnish, so make sure you remove that before painting if possible. The website Colorful Crafts features a straightforward, photo-based tutorial on painting a mandala design on a stone with just paintbrushes.

Details: This is a Dot Painting Kit containing 30 quality colourful tools and lots of accessories for an excellent start to beautiful dot painting. Ideal for beginners or as a gift! Amazing value! The tools make beautiful dots and are easy to clean using damp kitchen paper. This kit has been developed through experience of what works best for advanced artists and teaching.

Dot painting is a very popular rock painting technique. People who are just learning how to paint rocks may feel a bit intimidated by this style.
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Why paint rocks?

Rocks, dots and mandalas. When Freeland stay-at-home mom Renee Boyce decided to combine those three elements into pieces of art, she hoped for a few online sales. Under the business name, Freeland Art Shack, Boyce is rocking the mandala stone market. Her meticulously painted rocks covered in dot patterns are flying off shelves, both virtual and real. Some of them can take up to nine hours to create; all need to dry in between the many layers of paint that are applied. Designs are complex, symmetrical and almost hypnotic. Some look like sea urchins.

Mar 1, How To Paint Rocks 17 comments. Dot painting is a very popular rock painting technique. People who are just learning how to paint rocks may feel a bit intimidated by this style of stone painting. Here are some of our tips for those who are beginners to dotted rocks. If you search for ways to paint rocks you are bound to see lots of beautiful dotted mandala rocks.


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