How to start an introduction with a quote

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how to start an introduction with a quote

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Published 05.10.2019

Great Openings and Closings

How to Start an Essay With a Quote Properly?

Integrating the words or ideas from another source is a big part of academic writing. Students must be careful not only to avoid plagiarism, but also to enable readers to fully understand your use of a quote or a paraphrase from a source. Never insert a quote or a paraphrase abruptly into your writing without first introducing the quote or paraphrase , citing it, and explaining it This means that you will never begin or end a paragraph with a quote. When introducing your quote, you will provide the context of this quote as well as show the source of the quote. The quote cannot do the work for you; you must provide your reader with some idea of why you have chosen to use this quote. You should also tell your reader who is speaking or where this quote came from and the relationship this person or source has to the point you are making. That is, why should your reader take this quote seriously?

Writing an effective introduction can be one of the most intimidating aspects of writing an essay.
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You can also begin a sentence with your own words, then complete it with quoted words.

Are you staring at a blank page on the screen unable to write at least a single word? Wondering how to start an essay with a quote? Do you need advice on how to start a college essay and make it impressive to bring you an A-grade? Keep reading to find answers to all the above-mentioned questions. In this article, we will discuss general strategies on how to start a paper with a quote drawing attention. Discover various effective ways to make people want to read your story to the end. Have no idea how to start narrative essay s for high school?


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    Starting an Essay with a Quote - The Most Effective Ways!

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