Playing cards with letters on them

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playing cards with letters on them

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DMC Alphas Marked Alphabet Playing Cards USPCC

The invention relates to educational and amusement games, specifically to playing card games displaying the alphabet which are intended for use by young children. There is a long recognized need for advancing the preschool education of children to the point that they have achieved alphabet recognition and even sight recognition of simple words before entering their formal grade school training. Children that have this ability have a distinct advantage in the early grades of school over those who enter school without such ability. Unfortunately, parents with limited incomes are generally precluded from giving their children this head start along their educational path. However, most parents, despite limited incomes, do find ways to buy amusements and other games for their children and most of these purchases do not involve educational values of merit. Several types of letter card deck games and alphabetic recognition games have been previously proposed; however, the failure of these has been in the inclusion of numbers, points or additional words requiring reading skills and therefore these prior patents have created card decks that are too confusing for children. There are also educational games that are so involved with teaching that there is no longer an element of fun: U.

A high quality deck of playing cards made up of letters. With it, you can play hundreds of word games and card games. Instead of numbers, sets and runs, you use letters and make words. Letter Playing Cards are for all ages. Whether you're a backpacker travelling light and meeting new friends, or a parent with too much luggage. Extensively play tested, vowels and high frequency letters carefully balanced to make game play smooth.

Creating presentations of pure magic that will engage and amaze your audiences in ways simply not possible with a traditional deck. Poker sized, printed by USPCC on their premium stock, but with 52 letter cards instead of the traditional card faces, the deck allows you to perform magic that will connect with your audiences in new and powerful ways. Modern audiences enjoy card magic but, increasingly, the actual cards themselves are stripped of the interest and relatability they once had. It is asking a lot to expect audiences that are unable to name the four suits, or to know how many cards are in a deck, to be as deeply impressed by dealing a royal flush from a shuffled deck as they should be. Picture instead dealing their name from a shuffled deck.

Shop 10 X VINTAGE STYLE LETTER PLAYING CARDS - Pick your own Letters Cards have a high quality feel and finish to them, excellent for the framed word .
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The Flex Deck was made because we wanted more games than we could reasonably carry on a hike into the Grand Canyon. To save money, time, space and weight, we put them all together. Join them today and get your Flex Deck now. The Rules: You pick how you play the Flex Deck. Mix classic systems of fun with double-nine dominoes, word games and traditional card indices. We believe that house rules are official rules. Below are rules we play by in our house.

Deck of playing cards with bold letters on the faces! Playing cards- with alphabet letters on the faces! Perfect for kids shows! Perfect for mentalists! Perfect for using with the Card Duck trick! And perfect for designing your own tricks- using either the full pack of cards, or individual alphabet cards in place of those in a regular deck. Though these are not Bicycle back , they are of a high quality linen finish.

The following material, designed to assist collectors in dating their U. Like knowing the grade of your cards , a dating aid can be very useful. The code first came into use in and it applies only to Aces of Spades that bear a letter plus a four digit number. Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors. Right from the beginning in , the same codes were used by National Playing Card Co. Now refer to the chart below to see which year s they printed the M code.


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