Who stabbed jesus with the spear

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who stabbed jesus with the spear

The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, #1) by Barry Sadler

When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, the medics were sure he’d die. That he didn’t was only the first surprise.

The second, bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for two thousand years, ever since that day on Golgotha when he put his lance into the side of the Man on the Cross.

“Soldier, you are content with what you are. Then that you shall remain until we meet

So does Casca’s journey begin, a man who cannot die, does not age, and knows no skill but those of battle. He becomes The Eternal Mercenary.
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Unlocking the Spear of Destiny's True Power

Holy Lance

This individual, unnamed in the Gospels , is further identified in some versions of the legend as the centurion present at the Crucifixion, who said that Jesus was the son of God. No name for this soldier is given in the canonical Gospels; the name Longinus is instead found in the Acts of Pilate a text appended to the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus. Longinus did not start out as a saint. An early tradition, found in the 4th-century pseudepigraphal "Letter of Herod to Pilate ", claims that Longinus suffered for having pierced Jesus, and that he was condemned to a cave where every night a lion came and mauled him until dawn, after which his body healed back to normal, in a pattern that would repeat till the end of time. It was introduced amongst the Westerns from the Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus. There is no reliable authority for the Acts and martyrdom of this saint.

A spear with a mystical background gives the one wielding it powers to bend the destiny of the world to his or her will. It sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, but truth is far more bizarre in this case, as the legend of the Spear of Destiny contains a poison pill clause — once the spear leaves the possession of a ruler, the individual dies within a matter of days. Kings and dictators sought out a legendary spear that pierced the heart of Jesus of Nazareth, deemed the Spear of Destiny, with several different artifacts laying claim to the name over the centuries. Are any of the relics real? Is there any hope that the authentic Spear of Destiny is floating around somewhere?

The the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first, and then the other who was crucified with him. But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs, but one of the soldiers pierced his side with his spear, and out gushed blood and water. Today I want to talk about the soldier. This is a church that was rescued and moved to the museum from an almost ruined state. Amazingly, however, in the ruins were preserved some of the original wall-paintings. Old churches are very common in the UK: state churches in every parish. But in the reformation, the original wall paintings were whitewashed or destroyed.

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Early in June the army of the First Crusade, heading south through Syria on its way to wrest Jerusalem from the Saracens, captured the city of Antioch, but was promptly shut in the city and besieged by a powerful Turkish and Arab force. Food quickly ran out, morale plummeted and the crusaders were nearing desperation when the situation was saved by a miraculous discovery. The bishop viewed the story with a cynical eye, but Count Raymond was impressed and a mood of excited expectation began to spread through the hard-pressed crusaders in the city. Workmen dug down into the floor where Peter indicated. They found nothing and Count Raymond walked away in disappointment, but then Peter himself who was wearing only a shirt, jumped down into the trench and triumphantly produced a piece of iron which everyone immediately hailed as the sacred lance-head itself. This was so transformed that on June 28th, following further instructions issued through Peter Bartholomew by St Andrew, who guaranteed victory in another vision, the crusaders sailed out from Antioch. Desperately weak from hunger, they were in an exalted mood and some cried out that they could see celestial cavalrymen on white horses riding to help them, bearing white banners and led by St George.


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