Why are some people so cold hearted

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why are some people so cold hearted

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Published 04.10.2019

Emotionally Cold People!

Are people cruel or are they possibly just frightened? Though there are no official studies conducted to prove this theory, this trait is often prevalent in people with Pistanthrophobia the fear of trusting someone.

8 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Cold Hearted

It may come as a shock, but not all sensitive people in the world have DRAMA written all over their faces. Some people just have a cold exterior and prefer to bottle things up instead of dealing with an emotional outburst. In fact, many of these people may seem heartless due to their childhood experiences, past traumas and certain family issues. Here are 5 struggles these people experience:. Are you one of them? They hate being emotional in front of others.

They are not a warm or loving type of person. Seltzer, Ph. Whether the relationship is romantic or platonic, a cold-hearted person has very little interest in other people. Not just physically, but emotionally. They keep a lot of their feelings to themselves.

How many times should you explain your choice to cut off contact with a person to that person? Not quite! You should clearly signal to the person that you intend to stop interacting with them. If you suddenly ignore them without giving a reason, they'll definitely keep contacting you to try and find out what happened. Choose another answer! You should explain yourself clearly one time.

Are you tired of being so nice all the time? There's a certain power in being mysteriously cold instead of sweet and inviting. Acting cold can cause people to take you more seriously at school or make you seem more professional at work.
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But this demeanor can start to damage the perception people have of us. -






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    Emotionally unavailable moms prompt their children to be unsmiling--straight- faced (or stone-faced); Cold-hearted, as in "cold fish" or (even.

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    3 Ways to Be Cold Hearted - wikiHow

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