What is religious literature give some examples

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what is religious literature give some examples

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James Powell: Religion and Literature

The word "secular" generally refers to worldly, rather than spiritual.
C.S. Lewis

Difference Between Religious and Secular Literature

Christian literature is writing that deals with Christian themes and incorporates the Christian world view. This constitutes a huge body of extremely varied writing. While falling within the strict definition of literature, the Bible is not generally considered literature. However, the Bible has been treated and appreciated as literature; the King James Version in particular has long been considered a masterpiece of English prose, whatever may be thought of its religious significance. Several retellings of the Bible, or parts of the Bible, have also been made with the aim of emphasising its literary qualities.

Religious texts are texts related to a religious tradition. They differ from literary texts by being a compilation or discussion of beliefs, mythologies, ritual practices, commandments or laws, ethical conduct, spiritual aspirations and by creating or fostering a religious community. Some religious texts are accepted or categorized as canonical, some non-canonical, and others extracanonical, semi-canonical, deutero-canonical, pre-canonical or post-canonical. A Scripture is a subset of religious texts considered to "especially authoritative", [5] [6] revered and "holy writ", [7] "sacred, canonical", or of "supreme authority, special status" to a religious community. Many religious texts, in contrast, are simply narratives or discussions pertaining to the general themes, interpretations, practices, or important figures of the specific religion.

As people immigrated to America from England, they brought their religious ideals with them. These strong religious beliefs are evident in the writings of colonial American literature. Religion affected all aspects of life, and literature serves to provide evidence of the bond of religion to early American life. Colonial literature, written in simple and expressive style, presents history of colonial times, rules to live by according to pilgrim and Puritan ideals, and the punishment that goes along with violating those ideals. Religion was governed by the state, and citizens were expected to follow state religion under the rule of King James. These people traveled to America.

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B ecause Christianity played such a major role in the social and intellectual life of the Renaissance, almost all the literature produced in Europe at that time had some religious content., The capacity of a facet structured classification to deal with some of these problems is considered, and the newly revised. Class 2 of the UDC is presented, with examples of schedules, and practical implementation.

Do similarities in the Old Testament with other ancient Near Eastern literature prove that it is all the same kind of thing? In the s a scholar named George Smith revealed the discovery of both creation and flood stories in ancient Babylonian literature. Although competent scholars have since shown that the similarities between these accounts are largely superficial, the idea remains today in certain areas of academia and pop culture that the Bible is just another work of ancient mythology. On the other hand, conservatives, fearful of seeing the Bible lose its status, tend to shy away from the similarities. Where we run into problems is when we assume that God revealed Himself in ways that are always satisfactory to modern people, especially with regard to scientific and historical accuracy. Neither the giving-away-the-store approach nor the approach of turning a blind eye to genuine similarities will do. We must let the Bible be what it is and determine for us how we should understand and use it.


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    Tony Sam's answer has already listed a lot of the main ones, but I'll add a few more: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri The Vision of Piers.

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    Religious writers produced poetry, stories, essays, and dialogues, written both in of this period advised readers about following the example of Jesus Christ.

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