What to ask a career counselor

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what to ask a career counselor

Ask Your Career Counselor by Josefina O. Santamaria

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Published 23.09.2019

How to Use a Career Counselor - Job Hunting

5 questions to ask a career counselor (before handing over your hard-earned cash)

With the exception of a few ineffectual sessions with an in-house therapist at my college following a bad breakup, I had no experience with the counseling process when I made my first appointment to see a career counselor earlier this year. When I first contacted my counselor, she suggested we speak on the phone for a few minutes to make sure it would be a good fit. A good counselor can help draw you out and let you reveal for yourself factors and habits currently operating undercover. Another benefit of this kind of personal reflection was being able to tease out the strongest themes in my personality, with the goal of matching them to career possibilities. Not just one or two of those things; all three. Then you take the seven stories you like the most from the bunch and write a paragraph about each of them.

When seeing a career counsellor, you need to have the right questions ready to ask. A career counsellor is a great source of career guidance.
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When seeing a career counsellor, you need to have the right questions ready to ask. - Jun 18, LIS Students. Your hands are sweaty, your heart is racing.

One of the greatest decisions a student could possibly make while in college is to take advantage of campus offices that assist students in both academics and career choices, such as a student affairs office or a career center. It is the unfortunate reality, however, that a large portion of the college student population does not use these services, whether out of a lack of knowledge of their benefits and services, or out of mere disinterest. Though we may be fresh to the game, we still have this sense of confidence that we can figure everything out on our own, with no outside help. The reality could not be further away from this, and in fact, we are so much better off with the assistance of student services than without. Sure, you may be able to job search on your own, or meticulously track your academic records, but in the chance that there is error and you are in trouble, you ultimately have to be dependent on something or someone, which is where these student services come in. Though you might have these worries and insecurities, it will be way better for you to bring them to a professional whose job is to work with you through those very problems! Nervous about what an appointment might entail?



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    As a college career counselor myself, let me share with you a rundown of what to ask—before and during your appointment—to help your career counselor help.

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    When that happens, career counseling can help take some of the stress off your shoulders.

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