What is gods waiting room

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what is gods waiting room

Gods Waiting Room by Debra E. Johnson

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Published 23.09.2019

Daring Faith: Daring To Wait On God with Rick Warren

England Special Meetings

Row of four pink chairs in waiting room with yellow wall and tiled floor. I used to work in my husbands Family Practice office. And I got to watch how they waited to be called back to see the doctor. There were the sleepers, people that fell asleep in a waiting room. Some of them even snored. There were the eyeball rollers, every time a patient, that was not them, was called back they would roll their eyes. They could be thrown into the same group as the sighers and the humphers.

Since the beginning of time, long before we were born, God designed a blueprint for our lives. God will not abandon you or His good work in you! Not only does God bless us, but He also disciplines or trains the ones He loves. He allows testing to come our way to ultimately shape us and make us more like Him. But in the midst of grief and anxiety, our emotions are susceptible to inaccurate reasoning.

Duane Durst on January 5, Are you waiting for a promise that seems unfulfilled? Take heart. As we wait on the Lord, we learn and experience trust. Slowly, steadily, surely the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. Just be patient! They will not be overdue by a single day!


Are you in God's waiting room? Have you been praying for something, on hold for an answer, hoping for your circumstances to change? I confess, waiting is not my favorite activity. And right now, I'm waiting for something especially critical: test results of a loved one's cancer scan. Should we be doing something while we wait, or is waiting, well, just waiting?


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