What is a fair minded person

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what is a fair minded person

Fair Minded Quotes (4 quotes)

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Fairness affects everything that we do. It shapes our judgment, impacts our credibility, and affects our ability to trust. Are you fair-minded?.

11 Traits of a Fair-Minded Person

But all fair-minded Americans should get behind this push for real equality and protections in the lives of all Americans. At this point, a normal, fair-minded human being would think, "Well, by jove, we've got to get out there and equal them. Let me return the compliment by noting that I consider Mooney a thoughtful and fair-minded critic of conservatism. It is hard to celebrate the past in an ecumenical way, or even in a fair-minded one, apparently. As a consequence, he jeers and sneers at all foreigners, and they deny that he is a fair-minded sportsman or a good horseman. However, I ask myself—I who am nothing if not fair-minded —why shouldn't missionaries act as recruiting-agents?

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Yell County Sheriff Bill Gilkey :. He was an extraordinary example of what a law enforcement officer should be, he had a great work ethic. He was fair-minded. It really is antithetical to most fair-minded people and jurists to allow this old defense to potentially let someone off scot-free. I have confidence that the Police Commission will conduct an impartial and fair-minded review of the investigations conducted by both the LAPD and the independent Inspector General. If I become a liability to any of Democratic Senators, I would withdraw, i don't think it's going to come to that. I think most fair-minded people think this has been kind of a sleaze campaign against me.


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    Fair-minded | Definition of Fair-minded at chrissullivanministries.com

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    What does fair-minded mean?

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    Fair-minded people employ clear and sensible thinking.

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