What to say when someone is having a bad day

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what to say when someone is having a bad day

Bad Day Quotes (40 quotes)

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Published 19.09.2019

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You Part 2

Having A Bad Day? 19 Motivating Quotes To Turnaround Bad Days

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There are some things that you do say to someone to offer them comfort. So the next time you lend your loved one a sympathetic ear and listen to them go on about their bad day, avoid saying any of the below things! - Dear Friend,. Unfortunately, there is no redo or undo button.

In my opinion, avoiding the subject is the worst tactic. It breeds guilt within the sufferer and makes them feel like an outsider, which can end up pushing them further away. Even these few simple words can make them feel less alone. Offering to give someone space if they really need it can be a good idea. Just knowing someone is there when we need them can be a great comfort. Feeling alone, upset and helpless can be terrifying.

We use cookies to help us improve your experience and to provide services like web chat. We also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of public health campaigns and understand how people use the website. To find out more about cookies and how we use them, please see our privacy policy. When someone is feeling down or going through a tough time it is important to take them seriously. Give the person space to explain what they are going through. Let them tell you how they feel. Avoid rejecting the person's experiences and feelings.

Despite most of us having family and friends that we love, some of them - even with the best intentions - say some pretty stupid things when trying to comfort you through a tough time. We asked our Facebook and Twitter fans: what ridiculous things do people say to you when you're going through a bad time? Of all the questions we've asked on Facebook and Twitter, this one seemed to really strike a nerve. The problem isn't that people are going out of their way to be insensitive. Ironically for a lot of people giving advice or administering tough love, this seems to be their way of showing support. For others, if they have never experienced divorce, bereavement, illness or serious trauma, they just don't know what the right thing is to say in a situation.


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