What is old time religion

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what is old time religion

That Old-Time Religion in Modern America: Evangelical Protestantism in the Twentieth Century by D.G. Hart

Many Americans commonly associate evangelical Protestants with the scoldings of the religious right and solicitations of money by televangelists. Whether or not these associations are particularly flattering, it is true that a concern for preserving a moral social order as well as an unrelenting desire to make new converts are traits that have defined evangelicalism throughout American history. In this cogent account, D. G. Hart unpacks evangelicalisms current reputation by tracing its development over the course of the twentieth century. He shows how evangelicals entered the century as full partners in the Protestant denominations and agencies that molded American cultural and intellectual life. Although the fundamentalist controversy of the 1920s marginalized evangelicals in Americas largest denominations, their views about the individual, society, and families went virtually unchallenged in American society because of the ongoing dominance of Protestant churches and institutions. After 1960, when the United States entered a period sometimes called post-Protestant, evangelicals began to assert themselves more aggressively in politics and culture, seeking to preserve a Christian society. These evangelical responses to Protestantisms waning influence in America reveal a curious feature of twentieth-century life: despite its conformity to American ideals, since the 1970s evangelical Protestantism has been perceived as alien to other Americans. Mr. Harts illuminating study offers an explanation for this change in evangelicalisms fortunes by showing the success and limitations of this popular religious movement.
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The Grace Thrillers - Old Time Religion With Lyrics

Old-Time Religion

Modern paganism is an invented tradition, says Tim Stanley. So why is the Church of England offering it a helping hand? It is another nail in the coffin for the poor old established Church, whose leaders have become so desperate to appear inclusive that they will even embrace heretics. It might seem odd to first bash the Anglicans for talking to witches and then bash the witches for not being quite witchy enough, but it has always irked me that some people claim to represent an ancient faith tradition when really they do not. Genuine pre-Christian paganism was a largely oral culture that left very little in the way of records; it was essentially wiped from these islands by foreign invasion.


Scripture: James , Jeremiah Denomination: Baptist. Pure religion does not become corrupted with false beliefs or with false religion. It holds to the purity of the gospel and to the Word of God. Pure religion does not focus upon form and ritual and ceremony. Pure religion does not become morally corrupt; it does not become entangled with the affairs and pleasures of this world. Pure religion stirs people to separate themselves from the things of this world that arouse their fleshly desires and cravings.

The new version of Christianity does not resemble the Old Time Religion of a century ago. In fact, the new version resembles the world more than the Church of not long ago. Sadly, "the Salt hath lost his savor" and the "Light is hid under a bushel. They have not come to where we are because we have come to them. Looking at Jeremiah we see a similarity between that time and our time.


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    ("Give Me That") "Old-Time Religion" (and similar spellings) is a traditional Gospel song dating from , when it was included in a list of Jubilee songs—or .

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