What is a direct response copywriter

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what is a direct response copywriter

Confessions of a Direct Response Copywriter: An "Old School" Advertising Man Reveals How to Make Your Marketing Twice as Effective at Half the Cost by Robert W. Bly

An “Old School” Advertising Man Reveals How to Make Your Marketing Twice as Effective at Half the Cost - and Other Secrets of Success in Business and in Life

Frank, opinionated, and – with 65,000 subscribers to his e-newsletter, The Direct Response Letter – Bob Bly dispenses advice, wisdom, and strategies on having a successful business and a happy life on a weekly basis. In this book are 85 of his most popular columns, including:

• Unlock the gold mine hidden in your content. Page 41.
• Profit from John Steinbeck’s “lost” writing secret. Page 37.
• 7 rules for writing retail advertising that sells. Page 10.
• The 80/20 rule for freelance writing success. Page 127.
• Optimizing white papers for search engines. Page 75.
• The awful truth about cold calling. Page 56.
• A lesson in education from Good Will Hunting. Page 139.
• And more.
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Become a certfied Direct-Response Copywriter with Lonely Marketer

What exactly is direct-response copywriting?

In essence, it means that it sounds too complicated and should just be ignored. However, that may not necessarily be true. The reason is that all companies run marketing campaigns, in one way or another. Direct response copywriting is simply one aspect of marketing. Therefore, if you ever have to work for the company that sells products or services online the probability of such outcome is quite high, considering that most businesses do go online to reach new clients , the knowledge of direct-response marketing and copywriting will be your advantage. All marketing can be divided into two major categories: branding and direct response marketing.

In our previous article on direct response marketing we touched on the fact that this type of marketing uses very different copywriting techniques. Emotional direct response copywriting uses attention-grabbing headlines, strong sales copy and compelling calls to action. Many businesses, especially those who sell products and services to professional or business customers feel like this type of copy is not appropriate for their market. Yeah right. People open their mail above a wastepaper basket. They sort it into two piles, the first pile gets opened and read and the second pile goes into the trash, often unopened.

If you build out two landing pages with the same exact offer, I guarantee that one written by a talented copywriter will garner far more attention. On a side note, I still aspire to be a great writer. Learn how to craft a killer direct response DR effort in no time, or at least how your favorite copywriters use their magic fingers to massage your leads into great customers. The infographic details each step in an overall process to plan, write, and optimize your direct response copy. It details optimizing for each medium, not just the call to action.

Your Words Matter

Click below to find out why successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts consider me their secret weapon for marketing success…. It is what you say that counts, not how you say it. A valid argument presented in blunt language will sway the reader more than a less valid argument beautifully presented. If you agree, then continue reading. But if you think copywriting is about being creative, clever or expressing yourself then stop right now. Join now to receive awesome marketing tips to help you 10x your business. Why Josh?

This is the form of copywriting used by marketers. It involves communication directly to the customer in way that compels them to take action. Long before there were sites like Hubspot, Buffer , Kissmetrics , and CrazyEgg , there were direct-response copywriters who were absolutely nailing it with explosive copy. They were churning up huge interest in their products and scaring up droves of customers to buy their products. The impact of these marketers is enormous. You use toothpaste? You can thank Claude C.

Yup, when it comes to copywriting, this guy always gets his name mentioned. And fair play to him: he was a bloody clever man. We should also give kudos to the likes of great copywriters such as Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz and Gary Halbert, who have done amazing work for the world of copy. You see, David Ogilvy knew something very important: that to understand direct-response copywriting was to understand copywriting full stop. The fact that you have the ability to test variables in a controlled situation means you can work out what influences the buying decision much quicker and usually much cheaper than you can with indirect-response copy. Two weeks later, you know sales of Coca-Cola have gone up, but is it because of the polar bears?


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