What did william bradford do as governor

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what did william bradford do as governor

Books by William Bradford (Author of Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647)

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Jaden Le as Governor William Bradford

Governor William Bradford Facts & Worksheets

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William Bradford was born in in the small farming community of Austerfield, Yorkshire. His father William died when young Bradford was just one year old. He lived with his grandfather William, until his grandfather died when he was six. His mother Alice then died when he was seven. Orphaned both from parents and grandparents, he and older sister Alice were raised by their uncle Robert Bradford. His family was not supportive of his moves, and by the Church of England were applying pressure to extinguish these religious sects.

Believed to have been born in , William Bradford became a leading figure in the Puritans' Separatist movement. He and other congregants eventually sailed from England on the Mayflower to establish a colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Bradford became longtime governor after a devastating winter. William Bradford was believed to have been born in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England, in March , with records indicating his baptism being held around this time. His parents died early in his childhood, leaving Bradford in the care of various relatives. Attending a religious service in Scrooby before his teen years, the youngster joined the Separatist denomination, a more radical branch of Puritanism that believed in removing itself from the Church of England. Bradford stayed in the Netherlands for more than a decade, with the idea taking root among the Separatist congregation that they should journey to the New World and settle north of the already established Virginia Colony.

William Bradford, (born March , Austerfield, Yorkshire, England—died May 9, , Plymouth, Massachusetts [U.S.]), governor of the Plymouth colony for 30 years, who helped shape and stabilize the political institutions of the first permanent colony in New England.
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Bradford also left an invaluable journal chronicling the Pilgrim venture, of which he was a part. Seven years later he joined a group of nonconformists who migrated to Holland in search of religious freedom. They made up about half the passengers on the Mayflower. Aboard ship, Bradford was one of the framers of the historic Mayflower Compact , an agreement for voluntary civil cooperation that became the foundation of the Plymouth government. The following year he was unanimously chosen as governor of the New World settlement and was re-elected 30 times, serving all but five years until Although he called himself a Congregationalist , he discouraged sectarian labels and made a point of welcoming all separatist groups to New England shores. In addition, he evolved means of assimilating nonbelievers into the life of the colony.

William Bradford was a founder and longtime governor of the Plymouth Colony settlement. Born in England, he migrated with the Separatist congregation to the Netherlands as a teenager. As Plymouth Colony governor for more than thirty years, Bradford helped draft its legal code and facilitated a community centered on private subsistence agriculture and religious tolerance. Born of substantial yeomen in Yorkshire, England, Bradford expressed his nonconformist religious sensibilities in his early teens and joined the famed Separatist church in Scrooby at the age of seventeen. In he immigrated with the congregation, led by John Robinson, to the Netherlands.


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    William Bradford (c. 19 March – May 9, ) was an English Puritan separatist originally Bradford's grandfather was William Bradforthe who had at least four children, including Bradford's father, and was probably of noble ancestry.

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