What was the name of anne franks cat

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what was the name of anne franks cat

What was the name of the cat who lived in the secret annex with Ann... (4434 people answered this)

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Anne Frank goes crazy on a cat

Museum to display Anne Frank's rediscovered toys

The Anne Frank House Museum says the toys have now been recovered and Anne's tin of marbles will go on display Wednesday at the Kunsthal art gallery in Rotterdam. The neighbor, Toosje Kupers, kept the marbles along with a tea set and a book. It was only when Kupers, 83, was moving last year that she thought to mention the marbles to the museum. Kupers told Dutch national broadcaster NOS that she didn't consider the marbles that special. She said shortly before the Frank family left the square they both lived on, the Merwedeplein, Anne approached her for a favor. Anne and Toosje, frequent playmates in each other's homes and on the square, couldn't have known that Anne wouldn't be coming back, museum head of collections Teresien da Silva said.

In , the seemingly everyday, innocent thoughts of a teen girl were published. Her diary has since sold more than 30 million copies and has been translated into 67 languages. The aspiring writer decided it would be better used as a journal. She switched to two notebooks after the autograph book was full, and finally resorted to about pages of loose leaf paper. So who was Kitty?

with Anne Frank? Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl Answers: Moortje, What was the name of the cat who lived in the secret annex with Anne Frank?.
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But where did the character of Kitty come from?, It is one of the world's best known books and has been the basis for several plays and films. Born in Frankfurt , Germany , she lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam , Netherlands , having moved there with her family at the age of four and a half when the Nazis gained control over Germany.

Look Inside. Feb 05, ISBN years. When Mouschi the cat goes with his boy, Peter, to a secret annex, he meets a girl named Anne. Bright, kind and loving, Anne dreams of freedom and of becoming a writer whose words change the world. But Mouschi, along with Anne and her family and friends, must stay hidden, hoping for the war to end and for a better future. Told from the perspective of the cat who actually lived with Anne Frank in the famous Amsterdam annex, this poignant book paints a picture of a young girl who wistfully dreams of a better life for herself and her friends, tentatively wonders what mark she might leave on the world, and, above all, adamantly believes in the goodness of people. Accompanied by beautiful, vivid art, this book is a perfect introduction to a serious topic for younger readers, especially at a time when respect and inclusion are so important.

Below are Miep's answers to questions from students. I agreed right away to take care of the Frank family. I simply could not do anything else, First, because Otto Frank had been a wonderful boss all the years I had known him. Further, I had often met with his family, who were also great and received me at their home most friendly numerous times. By the way, I did not take them into my home. They were going to hide at Otto Frank's business.


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