What was the impact of manifest destiny

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what was the impact of manifest destiny

Manifest Destiny Quotes (22 quotes)

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War & Expansion: Crash Course US History #17

Manifest Destiny: causes and effects of westward expansion

There are three basic themes to manifest destiny:. Historian Frederick Merk says this concept was born out of "a sense of mission to redeem the Old World by high example Historians have emphasized that "manifest destiny" was a contested concept— Democrats endorsed the idea but many prominent Americans such as Abraham Lincoln , [5] Ulysses S. Grant , [6] and most Whigs rejected it. Whigs saw America's moral mission as one of democratic example rather than one of conquest. Newspaper editor John O'Sullivan is generally credited with coining the term manifest destiny in to describe the essence of this mindset, which was a rhetorical tone; [9] however, the unsigned editorial titled "Annexation" in which it first appeared was arguably written by journalist and annexation advocate Jane Cazneau.

Expansion westward seemed perfectly natural to many Americans in the mid-nineteenth century. Like the Massachusetts Puritans who hoped to build a "city upon a hill, "courageous pioneers believed that America had a divine obligation to stretch the boundaries of their noble republic to the Pacific Ocean. Independence had been won in the Revolution and reaffirmed in the War of
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Manifest Destiny Goes Global

Manifest Destiny , in U. The purchase of Alaska after the Civil War briefly revived the concept of Manifest Destiny, but it most evidently became a renewed force in U. John L. Yet when he expanded his idea on December 27, , in a newspaper column in the New York Morning News , the wider audience seized upon his reference to divine superintendence. Some found the opinion intriguing, but others were simply irritated. The Whig Party sought to discredit Manifest Destiny as belligerent as well as pompous, beginning with Massachusetts Rep. James K.

Manifest Destiny summary: In the 19th century US, Manifest Destiny was a belief that was widely held that the destiny of American settlers was to expand and move across the continent to spread their traditions and their institutions, while at the same time enlightening more primitive nations. And the American settlers of the time considered Indians and Hispanics to be inferior and therefore deserving of cultivation. The settlers considered the United States to be the best possible way to organize a country so they felt the need to remake the world in the image of their own country. Many Americans believed that God blessed the growth of American nation and even demanded of them to actively work on it. Since they were sure of their cultural and racial superiority, they felt that their destiny was to spread their rule around and enlighten the nations that were not so lucky.

O'Sullivan coined in , describes what most 19th-Century Americans believed was their God-given mission to expand westward, occupy a continental nation, and extend U. While the term sounds like it is strictly historical, it also more subtly applies to the tendency of U. O'Sullivan first used the term to support the expansionist agenda of President James K. Polk, who took office in March Polk ran on only one platform -- westward expansion.


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    Impact of Manifest Destiny. By the time the Oregon question was settled, the United States had entered into all-out war with Mexico, driven by.

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    Manifest Destiny greatly impacted the country, it was the push behind America's expeditious expansion into the West. Some examples of it's impact on the.

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