What time is granite flats on

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what time is granite flats on

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BYUtv's Granite Flats

Why You Need to Know About ‘Granite Flats,’ Netflix’s Newest Drama

Liz Shannon Miller. The cast includes icons like Christopher Lloyd and Parker Posey. Popular on Indiewire. Is it happening? Is it reaching the audience we want? It makes it possible to do independent work.

The characters uncover events surrounding actual little-known covert U. In a world of secrets and spies, Alice unmasks truths that will not gain her favor in small town Colorado. Newbern has been cast as Scottie Andrews, a controversial civil-liberties attorney from New York City who is the uncle of year old protagonist Madeline Andrews. All are returning for season three. Season one introduced viewers to the seemingly idyllic fictional town of Granite Flats, Colorado circa and uncovered mysterious events that challenged the faith and humanity of the characters. The plot revolves around three unlikely young heroes, the school science geeks, who band together to form their own private detective agency after an unidentified object — later revealed to be a Soviet satellite — falls from the sky in a fiery blaze.

Photo courtesy BYUtv. The program, now in its third season, includes eight new one-hour episodes. Netflix recognized a global appetite and audience for shows that families can enjoy together, with Granite Flats being one of them, and they are excited to provide this great show and content to their more than 60 million [global users].
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Why You Need to Know About 'Granite Flats,' Netflix's Newest Drama

Granite Flat campground

Granite Flats is an American television series, the first original scripted drama series produced by BYUtv. The show is set in a small Colorado town in the early s during the Cold War, and follows several of the town's citizens as mysterious and potentially dangerous circumstances arise. The cast was joined by actors Christopher Lloyd [2] and Cary Elwes for its second season, which premiered April 6, On April 20, it was announced that Granite Flats would join Netflix ; all three seasons launched on the streaming service on May 15, On June 25, , Granite Flats Executive Producer Scott Swofford announced the end of the series after three seasons, calling it a "huge success. The show was produced in Salt Lake City, Utah , in a former high school converted into eight dedicated sets recreating early s America. During and , newly appointed BYUtv director of content, Scott Swofford, commissioned focus groups targeting TV viewers who were at least nominally religious, to see what they liked, disliked and wanted in TV.

Lots of outlets — Nickelodeon, ABC Family, the Disney Channel — have taken aim at that elusive, possibly nonexistent swath of Americans who just want to be able to watch television together as a family without worrying that something distasteful or inappropriate for children will pop up. But everyone seems to have a different idea of what kind of content that demographic craves. In this series, when a schoolyard bully and the new boy in town get into a fight, we see the initial shove, then the episode cuts to a commercial, and by the time it returns, the fight is over. As the series opens, unusual chunks of metal have fallen from the sky onto Granite Flats, a military town in Colorado, with the casualties including a bird bath and a sheep. Arthur, as he settles into his new home, sees a comet flash across the sky. The local police chief begins to investigate the chunks of metal, but so do Arthur and two nerdy friends from school Charlie Plummer and Malia Tyler. Meanwhile, at the military base, there is a huge explosion.

Sign in. Professor Hargraves rebels at his surveillance and is arrested, Whittison tells Dr. Susan that Scottie is a spy, Frank works at finding a way to get his memory back. Arthur and his friends look for more mysteries to solve. John, the police chief, works with the FBI.


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