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The Fear of 13: Countdown to Execution: My Fight for Survival on Death Row by Nick Yarris

My heart breaks for what this man has had to endure over the past decades.
His is one of the countless cases of wrongfully convicted citizens that have gained attention in the previous years. I shudder to think how many, many more of whom we will never hear there are globally. People incarcerated for life or even executed.
If you looked up the word resilience in the dictionary you should find a picture of Nick Yarris next to it. - He doesnt seem bitter, vengeful or like the shell of a person - as many others spending their youth and large parts of their life in prison - do. On the contrary, his hopefulness, curiosity about the world and its people and determination are astonishing. In fact, they leave me speechless and humble me, considering how much of a complainer I am in my comparatively luxurious and cozy life.
I would also love to read how he has fared on the outside in five or ten years time, see how the author has adjusted, how much he has grown or changed and if he has been able to maintain his hopefulness and overall positiveness.
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The Fear of 13

T he story of Nick Yarris is an extraordinary one — but this documentary about him is a missed opportunity. In , after a chaotically violent and hot-tempered response to being pulled over for a traffic violation in Pennsylvania, Yarris was arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer, before being charged with an entirely different unsolved rape and murder. This innocent man was convicted on the shakiest of grounds and finally held on death row for decades, while he demanded postconviction DNA testing. It was an incredible ordeal from which Yarris emerges with dignity, having become an autodidact in prison learning among many things the meaning of triskaidekaphobia. Director David Sington effectively turns the film over to Yarris, who is allowed to narrate the documentary on-camera and control its pace, tone and content. For me, he feels like a ham actor auditioning for the role of himself in a movie version: he delivers what sounds like an overwritten, over-rehearsed monologue in a breathy-mellifluous voice.

The Fear of TV-MA 1h 35mBritish Movies. After 20 years on Death Row, self-educated inmate Nick petitions the court to be executed, then tells his.
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News Nick Yarris was convicted in of a rape and murder he did not commit and was sentenced to death in Pennsylvania. He was released in In , Yarris began working with film director David Sington on Fear of 13 , a documentary in which Yarris recounts the story of his ordeal, from the time he was wrongfully arrested to when he was exonerated and released. Nick Yarris: I wanted to do this interview-style of documentary after appearing in the film After Innocence , which is largely about the Innocence Project and its work to free people using DNA science. When I saw my part in this wonderful film, made by former Cardozo law students [former Innocence Project clinic student Mark Simon produced the documentary with Jessica Sanders], I recognized that, if done right, I could demonstrate a fine example of what exonerees are all about: being positive in life!

The Fear of 13 is a British documentary film. It tells the story of Nick Yarris , who was convicted of murder and spent 21 years on Death Row in Pennsylvania. He was released in when DNA evidence proved he was innocent of the crime. Nick Yarris tells his true life story, in the style of a one-man show. In a non-linear structure, he reveals his early life, youthful transgressions, arrest, and time on death row, with several twists and turns. No one else appears on screen.


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