Thor 2 the dark world review

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thor 2 the dark world review

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Published 26.08.2019

Thor 2 The Dark World Review - Mini Sode

Thor: The Dark World review

Marvel Studios has a good batting average on movies, with the worst of the bunch tending to be bland rather than outright awful. Yeah, we're not sure exactly what he means Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi developed a more subversive, comedic take on the character in The Dark World 's acclaimed follow-up, Thor: Ragnarok. The Dark World is remembered for its Hemsworth was last seen as Thor in Avengers: Infinity War , and as one of the movie's survivors will be back in Avengers 4 to try to pick up the pieces left in Thanos' wake.

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Oliver Lyttelton. Wisecracking Robert Downey Jr. Popular on Indiewire. Meanwhile, Thor gets on with his duties keeping the peace among the kingdoms, while in London, his lost love Jane Foster Natalie Portman , heartbroken after he broke his promise to return to her, continues her research into the barriers between worlds. But when she stumbles across the Aether, Malekith is awoken, and sets out to finish what he started. His first stop?

He's dazed but knows that he has to get back to fighting Malekith ex-Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston , a malevolent dark elf. Thor asks for directions back to Greenwich, and promptly boards the train. As the train lurches forward, a woman falls onto his broad chest. He smiles knowingly. This scene is one of several high points in "Thor: The Dark World," a blocky fantasy-adventure whose plot is never as exciting as its characters. All three " Iron Man " films have this same basic problem, but story was never more important than personality in those earlier films.

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