Rainbow unicorn flying through the sky

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rainbow unicorn flying through the sky

Unicorn Thinks Hes Pretty Great by Bob Shea

and why shouldnt he???

is there anything more majestic than a unicorn?? not much. and say you are just a goat:

you are bound to be jealous of a unicorn, especially one that rolls up flaunting his magic and making everyone swoon with cupcakes and joy.

but never fear, low self-esteemed - because there are some things even unicorns cant do. not much, but some things. and maybe, just maybe, these two creatures can learn to play nicely together and celebrate each others gifts and be all symbiotic and junk, which is the message of this book. but im all grown and fully-formed, so its too late for messages for me. im just here for the unicorns.

and the battle cries:

taste my cloven justice, indeed.

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Published 08.08.2019

Parry Gripp - Space Unicorn

Space Unicorn is a song in "Cheer Up, Star". "Flying Snail", "Oskar Isn't Calling" Soaring through the stars. Delivering the rainbows all around the world.
Bob Shea

Unicorn Flying GIFs

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Space Unicorn

From the book My Cat Knows Karate. I rode a rainbow unicorn. We sailed across the sky. We took off like a comet on a long and graceful flight. And everywhere the people stopped and marveled at the sight. His path was bright and colorful. It sparkled, shimmered, shined, as he arced across the heavens shooting rainbows from behind.


  1. Rojo E. says:

    Space Unicorn Lyrics: Space unicorn / Soaring through the stars / Delivering the rainbows all around the world / Space unicorn / Shining in the night / Smiles and .

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