Blind harry the wallace poem

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blind harry the wallace poem

Blind Harrys Wallace by Blind Harry

The epic verse of Blind Harry (or Henry the Minstrel) is the main source on the life of Sir William Wallace. It was written around 1477 and based on the now lost Latin book of John Blair, commisioned by the fetching bishop William Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld, to send to the Pope. Blind Harry gathered stories and traditions of Wallace from all over Scotland and sang or recited his verse. He was well recieved at the Renaissance court of King James IV. Blind Harrys Acts and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace was one of the first Scottish books printed in Scotland.
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Greatest Warlords: Life Of William Wallace

The Wallace

Blind Harry c. This was a lengthy poem recounting the life of William Wallace , the Scottish independence leader, written around , years after Wallace's death. Little is known about Blind Harry's life. One source is the Lord High Treasurer 's accounts of , which recorded payments to him for performances at the court of James IV. Blind Harry was given gifts of money by the King at New Year, as were other minor courtiers, but a payment on 2 January seems to relate to the singing of a ballad accompanied by two Gaelic harpers, " Ersche clareschaw ", mentioned in adjacent entries.

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As the title suggests, it commemorates and eulogises the life and actions of the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace who lived a century and a half earlier. The poem is historically inaccurate, and mentions several events that never happened. For several hundred years following its publication, The Wallace was the second most popular book in Scotland after the Bible. Till honour ennymyis is our haile entent, It has beyne seyne in thir tymys bywent. Our ald ennemys cummyn of Saxonys blud, That nevyr yeit to Scotland wald do gud, But ever on fors and contrar haile thar will, Quhow gret kyndnes thar has beyne kyth thaim till.

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Much has been made of the historical inaccuracies in Randall Wallace's screenplay for the award-winning film "Braveheart. Continue reading - Our antecessowris that we suld of reide, And hald in mynde thar nobille worthi deid, We lat ourslide throu verray sleuthfulnes, And castis us ever till uther besynes.

The Wallace Harry Blind. Available as eBook. Edited and Introduced by Anne McKim. This extraordinary poem has been widely popular and influential ever since it was written in the fifteenth century, and its heroic account of the swordfighter Wallace was to symbolise the cause of liberty and independence to many other countries and cultures in the centuries to come. The fruit of many years of scholarship, Anne McKim has produced what is unquestionably the definitive edition of this truly epic work. He was most-likely born into a noble family perhaps from the Lothians and it is thought that he was blind from birth. There is also some doubt that this volume work could be constructed solely by the blind and modest Harry, but despite these problems the poem contains a remarkable amount of information about 12th C.


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    The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace also known as The Wallace, is a long "romantic biographical" poem by the fifteenth-century Scottish makar of the name Blind Harry.

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    Blind Harry's Wallace at Mostly Medieval - Exploring the Middle Ages

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