The one who has my heart

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the one who has my heart

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Published 22.07.2019

Aaliyah - The One I Gave My Heart To

My Heart Is Yours

The pain of my hurt was real, and I was able to heal when I accepted that I was actually in pain, and that it was ok to embrace it as mine. Then, I discovered what love truly was…. It actually worked. When the next relationship would fall apart — as it always did — because of issues in the previous relationship that were unresolved, there I was again — hurting. I forgave my step mother, but I was still carrying those wounds that I desperately wanted someone else to heal. I held every woman I ever loved responsible for my healing. Just as much as I experienced pain, I caused it as well.

This is just a simple letter, one that holds pieces of my pain and also of my faith. These are just a series of sentences strung together and addressed to the holder of the fragmented pieces of my heart. They are just words, words that mean different things to different people. This simple letter probably will make you think of someone. That someone isn't my someone, but he held the same power over you. He kissed you with the same surreal brilliance that captivated you so deeply. He looked at you in a way that stirred a place inside your soul you hadn't known existed.

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What more can I say other than thank you? You have been the best boyfriend a girl like me could ask for. You've accepted me for the mess that.
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Before You Give Up On Love, Read This First

This letter is to a man I thought I'd never know--the one who stole my heart so innocently, with care, with grace, and with quiet dignity. You are a man of few words who has seduced my heart and captured it in a way I never believed possible, in a way that steals my breath away and fills every quiet moment I have with thoughts of you. This feeling of love that I hold within my heart runs deeper than any ocean or sea. I love swimming in those deep blue waters of my heart with thoughts of you. I wish you could see how much you really mean to me. Perhaps if you look into my eyes, the window to my soul, then you would know that my heart is yours completely.

It is hard to deal with the matters of the heart and so on but having someone steal your heart, you are definitely annoyed and bewitched at the same time. Someone has captured what it is that you have guarded for so long and you cannot do anything about it. There is just something about that person that has caught you completely off guard. You have fallen for someone without even knowing it. When this time comes, let that person know, here are some quotes that can help you with just that, use them wisely and to your advantage as well. I know just how much pain love can bring to a person but if it is with you, I do not mind at all. You are My Everything Sayings from Heart.

What more can I say other than thank you? You have been the best boyfriend a girl like me could ask for. You've accepted me for the mess that I am and the headache I try not to be. You've been my backbone in hard times and loved me when I didn't think I could be loved. But most of all, you've accepted my crazy family as your own. Whenever things are too much for me to handle, you're there to let me vent or to tell me I'm being overdramatic again. You've heard me vent about school, life, family and TV shows.


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