Lies my father told me

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lies my father told me

Lies My Father Told Me by Norman Allan

Again, I am going through all of unread books at home and I came upon this book. This book is okay. I like books that I can read and skim at the same time since I like to read fast. This was not one of them since there are dialogues throughout the book since it is based on a play script. Its not like CHARACTER NAME: blah blah blah, its just blah blah blahblah throughout so sometimes I have to reread again to identify which quotes are said by who.

Basically, this book is based on a 8 years-old boy who lives in a house with his parents and grandfather. His father is someone who lives for risks and of course that can always take a toll on families like this one. But the story isnt really about the lies that the protagonists father told him but rather, his bond with grandfather. It does have a sad ending but it is touching regardless. If plays are your thing, then this book is for you.
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Norman Allan

Lies My Father Told Me

Childhood memories, like too many successive sundaes, can be nauseating. But "Lies My Father Told Me," the Canadian-made comedy drama that arrived at the Paris Theater yesterday, makes its bittersweet nostalgia pleasurable without cloying aftereffects. Ted Allan's dramatization of remembrances of his own Jewish family in the Montreal melting pot of a half-century ago is brought appealingly alive with the aid of Jan Kadar's perceptive direction and some strong, natural performances. Father, mother, relatives and neighbors are important but not nearly as central to this memoir as 7-year-old David Herman and his bearded, Tevyalike, junkman grandfather Zaida. They form a mutual admiration society that also includes Ferdeleh, the ancident nag that draws grandfather's creaking wagon along with a happy David on Sundays through slum backyard alleys and rich wooded areas in quest of castoffs. Grandfather's orthodox religious beliefs are transmitted to the loving youngster through parables and tall tales.

The original story was written by Ted Allan in Allan was working at an advertising agency. Allan's short story is as a dramatization of his own childhood memories. Allan comes from a Jewish family who lived in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood. Lies My Father Told Me has been through many reincarnations since its original publication, as a radio play and a Golden Globe winning film.

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Jan Kadar's "Lies My Father Told Me" isn't about lies, really, but about certain truths that a little boy and his grandfather fiercely refuse to accept. The boy, who's about 8 years old, is just at that age when we start making choices in our lives, and taking sides. He's a bright kid, high spirited, and his father and grandfather have very different notions of what he should be taught, how he should behave -- indeed, of what kind of person he should grow up to be. The father's an ambitious young man all the more ambitious because he's been consistently unsuccessful who dreams of escaping from Montreal's Jewish ghetto, circa , with inventions like expanding cufflinks and creaseless trousers. The grandfather Yossi Yadin is an 0ld-country Jew with old ways; he keeps a horse in a stable out behind the house, and every day he and the horse trace their junk route, buying and selling, trading gossip, holding to a beloved routine.

Sometimes, a movie strikes us just right and we carry it with us through life. Though the driveways of Philadelphia, where I grew up, bore little resemblance to those alleyways on the screen, I connected with the forlorn boy: a fellow mourner for a recently lost zayde. At the time that I saw the movie, I had limited exposure to Montreal and, for that matter, Canada. For a generation of Americans, our neighbor to the north was little more than a refuge from the Vietnam War draft. But a year before I saw the film, a close friend had invited me to her home in Montreal. Over the course of a short weekend, the encounter that I expected to be exotic showed a Montreal apparently like any other North American city.


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