I want to eat my own sperm

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i want to eat my own sperm

Peter Derk’s review of Eat Your Own Cum Tutorial: A very short effective tutorial to tasting your own semen.

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Published 18.07.2019

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Is it normal that i love to eat my own sperm?

Ask Your Question today. I am a nudist and have many times at nude beaches and hot springs. Its a lot of fun to watch other guys masturbate. Its also fun to watch other guys when they see me come and lick the come off my hand. Some of the guys looked like i had done something strange and a few joined in and cleaned there own hands. I love to eat my own cum even though I am completely heterosexual, I do not like men but something about cum really turns me on. Every chance I get I cum right into my own mouth and swallow.

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Q: Is it weird that a straight guy likes his own cum? I prefer to share it with a girl lick it off her, etc. A: I searched the archives and am happy to say that, in five years of this column's existence, I have not answered nor even received this question! This seems odd to me, because the practice of a man ingesting his own semen is actually fairly normal among the sexually adventurous set. Though I suppose that could be the very reason I have yet to hear from a reader on the matter. The most common method of eating one's own ejaculate seems to be via slurping up a mixture of excretions after both partners have had at least one nice, messy orgasm. There's something to be said for not only wearing but also tasting the byproduct of a particularly hot shared moment.


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    Eating my own sperm to difficult? | Yahoo Answers

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