Vapid to kill a mockingbird

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vapid to kill a mockingbird

Go Set a Watchman (To Kill a Mockingbird, #2) by Harper Lee

From Harper Lee comes a landmark new novel set two decades after her beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird. Maycomb, Alabama. Twenty-six-year-old Jean Louise Finch--Scout--returns home from New York City to visit her aging father, Atticus. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights tensions and political turmoil that were transforming the South, Jean Louises homecoming turns bittersweet when she learns disturbing truths about her close-knit family, the town and the people dearest to her. Memories from her childhood flood back, and her values and assumptions are thrown into doubt. Featuring many of the iconic characters from To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman perfectly captures a young woman, and a world, in a painful yet necessary transition out of the illusions of the past--a journey that can be guided only by ones conscience. Written in the mid-1950s, Go Set a Watchman imparts a fuller, richer understanding and appreciation of Harper Lee. Here is an unforgettable novel of wisdom, humanity, passion, humor and effortless precision--a profoundly affecting work of art that is both wonderfully evocative of another era and relevant to our own times. It not only confirms the enduring brilliance of To Kill a Mockingbird, but also serves as its essential companion, adding depth, context and new meaning to an American classic.
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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 17 Summary

In , Orwell thought carefully about the power of language.
Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird (Chapter 1)

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Chapters 1 - 11

Shared Flashcard Set. Description Mrs. Braxton's 8th Grade Language Arts Class. Total Cards Subject Literature.

Eased Assuaged Old-time pharmacist who prepared and sold medicinal drugs Apothecary Devotation to religious duty Piety Restrictions Strictures Authoritative decree Dictum Slaves; property Chattels Silent; not inclined to talk Tacitum New and perfect condition Unsullied Indiscreet Imprudent Walked in a leisurely way Ambled Smooth-leafed kale-like plant Collard Whimsical; out of ordinary Eccentric Old-fashioned; unusual in appearence Quaint Lacking in liveliness; dull Vapid vicious; evil Malevolent Preference Prediection Dwelling; living Domicilled A small cheap automobile Flivver Minor officer whose duties include keeping the peace Beadle Unclear Nebulous. Add, edit, delete clues, and customize this puzzle. Print copies for an entire class. An early form of a pharmicist Apothecary to lesson or to calm assuaged a minor city official, lower in rank than either a sheriff or policeman beadle members of a particular church or sect brethren a formal statement of principle dictum a house or a place where a person lives domiciled the lower edges of a roof which usually protect beyond the sides of the building eaves to go somewhere or do something that is unusual or not normal for you foray slaves human chattels powerless impotent to be shamelessly bold impudent evil malevolent a pointed or sharpened pole or stake picket devotion to religious duties and practices Piety a preference, or a preferred way of doing something predilection ridged, sever, straight ramrod conditions or rules strictures almost always quiet taciturn something that is basically untouched or unused unsullied. An early form of a pharmacist Apothecary To lessen or calm Assuage A minor city official Beadle Members of a church or sect Brethren A formal statement of principles Dictum A house or lace where a person lives Domicile The lower edges of a roof Eaves Slaves Human chattels To do something or go somewhere that is not normal for you Foray Powerless Impotent Shamelessly bold Impudent Evil Malevolent A pointed or sharpened pole or stake Picket Devotion to religious faith and practices Piety A preference or preferred way of doing something Predilection Straight, rigid, severe Ramrod Conditions or rules Strictures Almost always silent Taciturn Basically untouched or unused Unsullied. Toggle navigation.

A way of turning aside ones attention or concern. Shared Flashcard Set. Title To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab. Total Cards Subject Literature.


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