Who was matthew c perry

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who was matthew c perry

Profile for Matthew C. Perry from Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun (page 1)

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Commodore Matthew C. Perry was a noted American naval officer in the first half of the 19th century who earned fame for opening Japan to American trade. A veteran of the War of , Perry endeavored to promote and develop steam technology in the U. Navy and earned the nickname "Father of the Steam Navy. In , Perry received orders from President Millard Fillmore to force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade. Arriving in the islands the following year, he successfully concluded the Convention of Kanagawa which opened two ports to trade as well as ensured the protection of American sailors and property. In addition, he was the younger brother of Oliver Hazard Perry who would go on to earn fame at the Battle of Lake Erie.

Matthew C. Through his efforts the United States became an equal power with Britain , France, and Russia in the economic exploitation of East Asia. Earlier, Perry had served as commanding officer —40 of the first U. In March Pres. Millard Fillmore placed Perry—who was called by his honorary rank of commodore—in charge of a naval expedition to induce the Japanese government to establish diplomatic relations with the United States. The Japanese defenses were inadequate to resist him, and after a few days of diplomatic sparring they accepted his letter from the President of the United States requesting a treaty. In February he reappeared in Edo modern Tokyo Bay—this time with nine ships—and on March 31 concluded the Treaty of Kanagawa , the first treaty between the two countries.

Perry, on behalf of the U. This was the era when all Western powers were seeking to open new markets for their manufactured goods abroad, as well as new countries to supply raw materials for industry. It was clear that Commodore Perry could impose his demands by force. The Japanese had no navy with which to defend themselves, and thus they had to agree to the demands. Perry's small squadron itself was not enough to force the massive changes that then took place in Japan, but the Japanese knew that his ships were just the beginning of Western interest in their islands. Russia, Britain, France, and Holland all followed Perry's example and used their fleets to force Japan to sign treaties that promised regular relations and trade. They did not just threaten Japan — they combination their navies on several occasions to defeat and disarm the Japanese feudal domains that defied them.

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Perry Took With Him to Japan. In the mid-nineteenth century, Japan was largely a closed society, resistant to diplomatic and commercial contact with foreigners. Attempts by the United States and other nations to establish formal relations with Japan were repeatedly rebuffed. Perry to command the U. Navy's East India Squadron and to establish diplomatic relations with Japan. Perry initially delivered President Fillmore's request for a treaty to a representative of the Japanese emperor in July Perry returned with a larger force in , arriving in Edo Tokyo Bay, and obtained the signature of Japanese authorities to the Treaty of Kanagawa on 31 March

Perry, U. Sharswood, to Mr. Samuel Wood Bryant, Jr. In he was married to Jan Sliddell, and they had ten children. Mark's-in-the-Bouwerie in New York.

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    Matthew Calbraith Perry (April 10, – March 4, ) was a Commodore of the United States Navy who commanded ships in several wars, including the.

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