Marie antoinette date of birth

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marie antoinette date of birth

Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser

Brilliantly written, a work of impeccable scholarship. An utterly riveting and intensely moving book by one of our finest biographers.

Never before has the life of Marie Antoinette been told so intimately and with such authority as in Antonia Frasers newest work, Marie Antoinette: The Journey. Famously known as the eighteenth-century French queen whose excesses have become legend, Marie Antoinette was blamed for instigating the French Revolution. But the story of her journey begun as a fourteen-year-old sent from Vienna to marry the future Louis XVI to her courageous defense before she was sent to the guillotine reveals a woman of greater complexity and character than we have previously understood. We stand beside Marie Antoinette and witness the drama of her life as she becomes a scapegoat of the Ancien Regime when her faults were minor in comparison to the punishments inflicted on her.

The youngest daughter, fifteenth out of sixteen children, of Austrian empress Maria Teresa and Francis I, Marie Antoinette was sent on a literal journey by her mother from Vienna to Versailles with the expectation that she would further Austrian interests at all times. Yet, Marie Antoinette was by nature far from interested in state affairs and much more inclined to exert a gracious, philanthropic role, patronizing the arts especially music, as royalty would come to behave in the nineteenth century. Despite this the French accused her of political interference and wrote scandalous tracts against her, mocking her lack of sophistication. Meanwhile, longing for a family and the birth of an heir who would have cemented the Franco-Austro alliance, the French queen had to endure more than eight years of public humiliation for her barren marriage before the delivery of her first of four children.

As these problems unfold, Antonia Fraser also weaves a richly detailed account of Marie Antoinettes other, more poignant journey: from the ill-educated and unprepared girl who sought refuge in pleasure as a consolation into a magnificent, courageous woman who defied her enemies at her trial with consummate intelligence, arousing the admiration of even the most hostile revolutionaries.

Brilliantly written, Marie Antoinette is a work of impeccable scholarship. Drawing on a wealth of family letters and other archival materials, Antonia Fraser successfully avoids the hagiography of some the French queens admirers and the misogyny of many of her critics. The result is an utterly riveting and intensely moving book by one of our finest biographers.
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The Secret Versailles Of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, , in Vienna, Austria. Marie Antoinette was the 15th and second to last child of Maria Theresa.
Antonia Fraser

Marie Antoinette Biography

M arie Antoinette was the queen of France at the outbreak of the French Revolution Her extravagant lifestyle, which included lavish parties and expensive clothes and jewelry, made her unpopular with most French citizens. When the king was overthrown, Marie Antoinette was put in jail and eventually beheaded. In she married Louis XVI Louis was the French dauphin, or the oldest son of the king of France.

Born in an armchair in a room at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna at about 8. In homage to the Virgin Mary, all Habsburg princesses were christened Maria and the new arrival was baptized next day as Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna, and known in the family as Antoine. Her mother, whose routine day began at 4am in summer and 6am in winter, was too absorbed in affairs of state to have much time for her. She sang a song in French and some of her brothers and sisters played music. It was a musical family and in the young Mozart was invited to the Hofburg.

Marie-Antoinette was born on November 2nd, All the royal sisters were called Marie as a sign of devotion to the Virgin Mary, and so the future queen became known by her second name Antonia which became Antoinette in France. She was bought up, like most noble women, to obey her future husband, an oddity given that her mother, Maria Theresa, was a powerful ruler in her own right. Her education was poor thanks to the choice of tutor, leading to later accusations that Marie was stupid; in fact, she was able with everything she was competently taught. In Austria and France, long term enemies signed an alliance against the growing power of Prussia. This failed to quell the suspicions and prejudices each nation had long held for each other, and these problems were to affect Marie Antoinette deeply. However, to help cement the alliance it was decided that a marriage should be made between the two nations, and in Marie Antoinette was married to the heir to the French throne, Dauphin Louis.

Marie-Antoinettes first laying-in

A Stitch in Time S01E06 Marie Antoinette

The young couple soon came to symbolize all of the excesses of the reviled French monarchy, and Marie Antoinette herself became the target of a great deal of vicious gossip. After the outbreak of the French Revolution in , the royal family was forced to live under the supervision of revolutionary authorities. In , the king was executed; then, Marie Antoinette was arrested and tried for trumped-up crimes against the French republic. She was convicted and sent to the guillotine on October 16, Four years later, Marie Antoinette and the dauphin were married by proxy in Vienna.


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