Letters in coffee cup reading

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letters in coffee cup reading

Tea Cup Reading: A Quick and Easy Guide to Tasseography by Sasha Fenton

The art of reading tea leaves has been practiced for centuries by everyone from Buddhist monks to Bedouins to Gypsies. Once very popular in Britain and Ireland and all the countries they settled, including our own, the practice has all but faded away. Now, this concise book provides quick, easy, and fun instructions for practicing tasseography today.

The book includes everything needed to become an accomplished practitioner:

a brief history of tea and coffee
advice on brewing and serving
basic rules of tea leaf and cup reading
handy tips for instant readings
an illustrated dictionary of 361 symbols with precise definitions
Tea Cup Reading is an essential reference for this fascinating interpretive art.
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Turkish coffee cup reading

A-Z Dictionary of Tea Leaf Reading & Turkish Coffee Grounds Reading

In the Balkans and Turkey, a favorite pass time is drinking Turkish coffee followed by having your fortune told from the leftover coffee grounds in the cup. Turkish coffee readings fall in the category of Tasseography , the divination methods of interpreting patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds or wine sediments. Now, I am not the superstitious type and I find this pastime one step removed from the Rorschach test , which is makes the fortunetelling so much fun for me. Usually, the professional fortunetellers, like most in similar professions, are good at picking up first impressions of their customer's personality. I think it's fun, but please don't make any major or life-changing decisions based on any fortune reading. As Yoda would say: "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.

Directly from my own collection. Short explanation of each symbol. As you understand, coffee cup reading without knowing the meaning of a few symbols, at least, it doesn't say much. There are symbols and signs that are obvious what they mean. Others are more complicated and you need practice, good observation and a "dictionary". After receiving a lot of requests to reveal some of my symbols with their TRUE meaning, I decided to give to the public 40 of them.

Coffee Cup Reading Symbols

If broken or pointing downward indicates an accident or trouble coming. ANGEL ; good news. ANT ; success through perseverance.

Turkish coffee cup reading is an ancient way of divination, occult and fortune telling. Usually this tradition is passed down from one generation to another by grandmothers. In our Australian multicultural society especially the Turkish, Greek, Cypriot, Armenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Arabic, Iranian, Azerbaijani, Russian communities are more familiar to this tradition thanks to our older members of our families. As a psychic medium I have been using the Turkish coffee as a tool for the last 19 years and I find it very useful in clairsentience and mediumistic channeling Hereby for the readers I would like to explain what some of the coffee ground shapes mean. How do you read a coffee? Simply drink your Turkish style coffee in white china with no inside pattern or decoration. Shapes and patterns inside the coffee cup and on the saucer need to be visible for reading.


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