Scottish grandmother reading wonky donkey

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scottish grandmother reading wonky donkey

The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith

So I jumped on the bandwagon and got this for my boys after seeing the video of the hilarious Scottish granny reading it to her grandson:

Just try saying he was a stinky dinky lanky honky tonky winky wonky donkey out loud. If that doesnt make you laugh, try saying it once more, but in a Scottish accent. I endeavor to always read this in a Scottish accent - which makes most things better, if you ask me - and so far it seems to be working. My 2 year old giggles when I read and then asks me to read it again! Well, technically he says more honky donkey, but one can hardly blame him when his mother has suddenly taken on a Scottish brogue.

Hee haw!

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Published 12.07.2019

Meet "The Wonky Donkey" laughing granny

YouTube Sensation 'The Scottish Granny' Visits NYC for 'Wonky Donkey' Event

Demand for a children's book has skyrocketed after video of a Scottish grandmother reading the book to her 4-month-old grandson went viral. Inspired by a joke, "The Wonky Donkey" is a picture book that can be read or sung. It was written by Craig Smith in late and published in About a million copies were sold, mostly in New Zealand and Australia , but the viral video has changed that sales are up around the world, according to Smith. In the video, grandmother Janice Clark can be seen reading the story to Archer.

A home video of a Scottish grandmother's uncontrollable giggles while reading The Wonky Donkey picture book to her baby grandson have.
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The Wonky Donkey and the Scottish Granny

It's all because of a laughing Scottish grandmother. The video caught on last month and shows Clark laughing uncontrollably as she reads lines such as "He was a honky-tonky winky wonky donkey.

Janice Clark laughing alongside her grandson Archer has been viewed over 3. THE Scottish granny who has become known the world over for her part in an online video has spoken exclusively to the Sunday National about her joy at seeing the video becoming a viral sensation. I am honestly amazed. Janice is originally from Ayrshire but emigrated to Australia in , and lives with her family in Queensland. Wonky Donkey is a classic book for children growing up in Australia and New Zealand, and has sold more than , copies since it was released in We are all sending copies to the UK because of this video.

After this video went viral, parents and grandparents all over the country have been flocking to get their hands on a copy of the book which left publishers scrambling to meet the demands. A video of Scottish grandma, Janice Clark, was filmed by her granddaughter. The footage shows Janice reading the book to her four-month-old grandson, Archer. But Janice seems to be much more amused by the book than Archer does. Throughout the book, Janice keeps falling into fits of laughter. The picture book, illustrated by Katz Cowley, has sold over 1 million copies around the world to date.


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