Reading self help books waste of time

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reading self help books waste of time

Help Me: One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Your Life by Marianne Power

A hilarious and heartwarming rampage through the world of self-care

Marianne Power was a self-help junkie. For years she lined her bookshelves with dog-eared copies of definitive guide after definitive guide on how to live your best life. Yet one day she woke up to find that the life she dreamed of and the life she was living were not miles but continents apart. So she set out to make a change. Or, actually, to make every change.

Marianne decided to finally find out if her elusive perfect life—the one without debt, anxiety, hangovers or Netflix marathons, the one where she healthily bounced around town with perfect teeth to meet the cashmere-sweater-wearing man of her dreams—lay in the pages of those books. So for a year she vowed to test a book a month, following its advice to the letter, taking the surest road she knew to a perfect Marianne.

As her year-long plan turned into a demented roller coaster where everything she knew was turned upside down, she found herself confronted with a different question: Self-help can change your life, but is it for the better?
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5 Reasons Why Self-help Books Suck

Why Reading Self-Help Books Is A Total Waste Of Your Time!

Thousands of self help books and articles are published every year, promising everything from a tip to the entire success formula. Some are redundant paraphrases, stitched together from five other similar works. Others provide a golden nugget hidden somewhere between an overdrawn introduction and an overpromising conclusion. Yet some contain that golden nugget that would change our lives if we actually implemented it. We get lured into a false sense of accomplishment as we blaze through the pages, feeling inspired and motivated for about as long as long as it takes us to pick up the next one. This consistent consumption without application results in spiritual bypassing. Instead of applying our knowledge and transforming it into wisdom , we just acquire more knowledge.

After reading voracious self-help books over an extensive period of time, I have thoughts that they are ineffective. A waste of time and money.
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Prescription: Understand how to read self-help. Reading self-help without knowing how to get the promised results is disheartening and a big waste of time. - My friends often make fun of me for forgetting everything I read. I like to think that's because I read a lot, and not because my mind is a sieve.

Shortly after swallowing it, I thought I could feel something, but the effect was subtle, hard to describe. I was feeling alert and awake, as though I had downed five coffees. The authors spent thousands of hours experimenting with productivity drugs, sex toys, and plastic surgery. They talked to psychics and life coaches, attended motivational seminars, and participated in professional weight-lifting competitions. Namely, does it do us any good?

I was born and raised in a culture that is inherently cynical. I railed against this negativity. God forbid that someone suggest we could have happy, exciting and purposeful lives! Shoot that man or woman down before we crack a smile or experience a little warmth in our souls that would be thoroughly un British! If they really work then how can people succeed without ever having read a self-help manual?


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