How to read a hardcover book

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how to read a hardcover book

What do you do with the dust jacket from a hardcover book? Answers... Poll

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Published 06.07.2019
The dust jacket sometimes book jacket , dust wrapper or dust cover of a book is the detachable outer cover, usually made of paper and printed with text and illustrations.

Book clinic: why do publishers still issue hardbacks?

This article is from the archive of our partner. What did the poor dust jacket ever do to deserve such scorn? Dean argues that her animosity towards the jacket is "just, reasonable, and true," and points to four major reasons why dust jackets are terrible the Dean's List, as we will call it; see below. And she wasn't the only one angry at dust jackets' continued existence in this age of the e-book. Others voiced the same sentiment:. Standing ovation! But Dean and the anti-dust jacket forces could not be more misguided in their criticism.

Bring Me A Book was created to make sure all children have access to books and can discover the joy of reading. We provide book access to support kindergarten readiness and on-grade level reading to under-resourced families, schools, and other community-based organizations. Trained Book Buddies take carefully selected hardcover books to the classroom sixteen times in the school year and model reading aloud for the teachers. Bring Me A Book selects and donates quality books to children through non-profit organizations who support our mission. Cubbies are often gifted in conjunction with our Book Give-Away program where we have groups of children and parents together for literacy education. The Speaker Appreciation program was developed for service clubs as a means of recognizing guest speakers at their regular meetings. Organizations order books from Bring Me A Book for children aged pre-school through third grade.

Half a century before e-books turned publishing upside down, a different format threatened to destroy the industry. A movie ticket set you back 20 cents. For a nation suffering 20 percent unemployment, books were an impossible expense. But in just one day, Robert de Graff changed that. The ad was timed to coincide with the debut of his newest endeavor, an imprint called Pocket Books.

Dust jackets were originally developed as a protective covering for books with fancy bindings. Dust jackets now generally contain the graphic design of a book's cover (as opposed to the hard binding) making them a necessary component of a book for collectors. What books are on the.
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Updated: March 29, References. Both formats have their benefits and drawbacks, and understanding those will help you make a choice and get reading! Spring for a hardback book if you want something fancy to display on a shelf, keep for a long time, or give as a present. Look for a paperback copy if you need something light to hold in your hands or read during travel. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

A few years ago, after four-plus decades of reading print books, and several years after Amazon launched the ebook revolution, I finally took the plunge and downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone and started buying and reading ebooks. I quickly became hooked on the convenience of being able to pull my iPhone out of my pocket, purchase an ebook with the tap of my finger, and, within seconds, start reading it. My shift to ebooks helped me save real money--and not just from the much cheaper price of the ebook compared to the print edition. Buying ebooks instantly chops off the 50 percent surcharge that Amazon slaps on my credit card to cover the cost of shipping physical books thousands of miles from the US to Taiwan, where I live. But as much as I've come to enjoy the convenience of ebooks, and while I will continue to buy them, digital books just don't deliver the same sort of visual and tactile satisfaction I get from reading physical books. I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way, either, especially if you look at the shift in sales of ebooks versus print books.


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