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sixx am this is gonna hurt

This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx by Nikki Sixx

Few of us have experienced life with the intensity, fury, and reckless abandon of Nikki Sixx, the wild rock star, driven entrepreneur, devoted father, former addict, bestselling author, and gifted photographer. This Is Gonna Hurt is part photo, part journal - but all Nikki Sixx.

It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness,and determination that shape his work. Told with the raw authenticity that defined his New York Times bestseller The Heroine Diaries , This Is Gonna Hurt chronicles Sixxs experience, from his early years filled with toxic waste to his success with Motley Crue, his death from an OD and rebirth to his addictions to music, photography, and love.

Love story, bad-ass rock tell-all, social commentary, family memoir, This Is Gonna Hurt offers the compelling insights of an artist and a man struggling to survive, connect, and find a happy ending-a search that fuels Sixxs being.

I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time, Sixx writes. If you dont deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and its gonna hurt.
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This Is Gonna Hurt : A Conversation With Nikki Sixx

MR : Nice. Okay, let's get right into your new book, This Is Gonna Hurt. Can you tell us about it? NS : Well, basically, writers write, photographers shoot photos, musicians write music--that's what we do. So, I'm always writing, and a lot of people don't know how aggressive of a writer I am.

Without meaning to, it hinted at this whole concept of bullying. If you're different than other people you're made fun of and you're made to believe you'll never achieve your dreams. Loosely, that's what 'This is Gonna Hurt' was about. We feel like between 'The Heroin Diaries' and 'This is Gonna Hurt', we've exposed a lot of wounds and we've talked about how to recover from them, but we haven't had a chance to really celebrate. I think this album is a celebration. We went into genres that you wouldn't expect us to possibly be influenced by, but unless you know the bandmembers, you don't know that there are all kinds of influences, especially from the '70s and some of the great bands that came out of that era. So when we started writing, it was almost ridiculous.

Nikki Sixx has turned Sixx: AM into audio accompaniment for his various book projects, first bringing them together to promote his memoir The Heroin Diaries and now reviving the group for his photo essay This Is Gonna Hurt.
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Like the first album which served as a companion soundtrack to Nikki Sixx ' first book The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star , this album is a companion to the book of the same name, Sixx's second book, which was released on April 12, The lead single from the album is " Lies of the Beautiful People " and was released on March 1, This Is Gonna Hurt debuted at 10 on the Billboard , selling 30, copies in its first week of release, [12] and at 1 on the Hard Rock Charts. The album's credits and personnel can be obtained from Allmusic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All Media Guide Rovi. Retrieved


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