Science fiction horror short stories

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science fiction horror short stories

Science Fiction Short Stories by Andy Sawyer

A deluxe edition of super-charged, original and classic short stories. Dystopia, Post-Apocalypse, time travel, robots and more this brilliant collection brings together the best of todays writers (many stories previously unpublished), with an eclectic range of science fiction masters including H. Rider Haggard, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Philip Frances Nowlan, Edward Page Mitchell and Jack London. An eclectic collection of SF adventure tales. Perfect as a gift, and for years of reading pleasure.
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Published 10.06.2019

"The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov - Scary Classic Sci-fi Story

11 Sci-Fi Short Stories You Can Read For Free Right Now

Of course, you can get your rush of fright while sitting right at your desk. These stories are short enough to read over your lunch break; many of them are available for free online. The author behind the ultimate unreliable narrator, Amy from Gone Girl , keeps playing with the shifting sands of truth in this stand-alone short story. A haunted house and a demon child have never been so creepy, and so baffling, as the ones encountered by the protagonist, a former sex worker and current fraudulent psychic who finds herself caught up in some unsettling family drama. But his short stories, many of which are more appropriate for adults, can be bone-chilling. Eventually, impressed by the results, he tries royal jelly himself.

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Short stories are the perfect medium for science fiction. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a space opera as much as the next nerd—but there's something about short-form sci-fi that has the potential to be especially mind-blowing. In just a few pages, the author must set up an entire new world or a world that is just ever so slightly different than our own , and then deftly twist this new world into some kind of satisfying or devastating conclusion. It's no mean feat. Lucky for us, though, some of the greatest sci-fi authors out there today have published stories available for free online — and you can read them right now. Between Black Mirror and the whole gaggle of Marvel movies, we're all but drowning in science fiction media right now.


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