36 hours in brooklyn 2016

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36 hours in brooklyn 2016

The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada by Barbara Ireland

Weekends on the road.  The ultimate travel guide to the USA and Canada     To travel in North America is to face a delicious quandary: over these vast spaces, with so many riches from glittering cities to eccentric small towns and heart-stoppingly beautiful mountains and plains, how to experience as much as possible in limited time? One answer is the quick hit, a jam-packed adventure that delivers a full sense of a single place’s opportunities and personalities over a well-plotted two-night stay.

The New York Times has been offering up dream weekends with practical itineraries in its popular weekly 36 Hours column since 2002. The many expert contributors, experienced travelers, and accomplished writers all have brought careful research, insider’s knowledge, and a sense of fun to hundreds of cities and destinations, always with an eye to getting the most out of a short trip. Want to read what Sam Sifton suggests in his beloved borough of Brooklyn, or David Carr advises in Minneapolis, Mark Bittman in Death Valley, or Ariel Kaminer in Lower Manhattan? Here is where to do it, with full-color photographs to entice you and handy maps to guide you.

In this book, the Times and TASCHEN bring together updated and new versions of 36 Hours columns in 150 U.S. and Canadian locations, from the great urban centers on everyone’s travel list to surprising locales with undiscovered character and charm. The paths lead to fashionable clubs in Manhattan, blues joints in the Mississippi Delta, architectural treasures tucked in the Pennsylvania hills, the French America of Quebec, the seaside cliffs and Hollywood cool of California, and well beyond. For a taste of adventure and a veritable journey throughout the continent, explore 36 Hours in America.
150 North American destinations, from metropolitan hot spots to unexpected hideaways Practical recommendations for over 600 restaurants and 450 hotels Color-coded tabs and ribbons to bookmark your favorite cities in each region Nearly 1,000 photos Illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli Easy-to-reference indexes Detailed city-by-city maps pinpoint every stop on your itinerary
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NYC Travel Vlog: 36 Hours (ish!) in New York City

36 Hours in Brooklyn

Oh New York, you beautiful city, you. It might just be the most touristy, overcrowded, obscene places in the world. But that is the same reason why it is such a magnet and why we all gravitate towards it. The same things that make New York a madhouse or a freak show are the exact same reasons why people love it! If you plan to spend 48 hours in New York, you will surely experience the magic at some point or another.

Please refresh the page and retry. A merican author E. White once quipped about this city of eight million inhabitants: "New York provides not only a continuing excitation but also a spectacle that is continuing. The City that Never Sleeps is in constant motion — yes, even at 3am — and while the surface may be always transforming, its heart never really changes. Spend a day seeing the sites in Manhattan and another day wandering the heart of global hipsterism in Brooklyn. There's no better time to take a bite out of this pulsating metropolis. D avid Farley, our resident expert, offers his top tips on the hottest places to eat, drink and stay this season.

We spoke to him about his custom furniture showroom on Plymouth Street, what led to his career in woodwork, and how he likes to spend his time in Dumbo. But the fourth-generation builder took a rather circuitous route into the family business. By hand. By himself. But after getting married and having a daughter, the city called, and so did the promise of building on a smaller scale: handcrafted furniture built in his Dumbo workshop and showroom. Since he both lives and works in Dumbo, Jupiter is the perfect person to ask about how a local spends his time there.

Feb 9, Recent decades have brought big, fraught, much-discussed changes to Brooklyn. But south of Williamsburg, the borough's character — both.
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Hot right now . . .

Recent decades have brought big, fraught, much-discussed changes to Brooklyn. The waterfront no longer teems with longshoremen and heavy industry, but century-old river barges are enjoying second acts as unconventional arts venues, and a commercial pier has been reclaimed as a public park that draws families from across the borough.

To the north are the great bridges of the East River. To the west, the Statue of Liberty. Located across from Fulton Ferry State Park, it is an excellent destination after a walk along the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights parallel to Columbia Heights, a grand old street of towering brownstones, running from Remsen to Orange Streets. Alternatively, head inland, toward the leafy precincts of Fort Greene, for a show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music bam. Atlantic Avenue, which runs deep into the borough, will lead you most of the way, through a stretch of antiques shops and restaurants. Once you get strolling, it is difficult not to drift into other pretty residential neighborhoods: Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens nearby and, slightly farther afield, Park Slope and Prospect Heights.


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