10th class english summary try again

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10th class english summary try again

Try Again Quotes (138 quotes)

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Published 24.05.2019

"Try again" summary for 10th class

Summary of “Try Again”

Nice Content. Thanks for this great information. This summary make a ready to great marks. Friday, 2 December try again summary for brilliant student of matric class. Summary try again for tenth class. The poem try again is infact a moral lesson.

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2 Theme: ?This poem is a moral lesson for us. In this poem the poet says if at first we do not succeed try again to get your goal. 4 "Try Again" is a simple, thoughtful and moralizing poem created by the pen of a British poet, William Edward Hickson.
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Yr achi hy bht but long hy yeh summary nae lAg rai In this poem, the poet tells us the importance of trying again in case we fail in doing something due to some adverse circumstances. He says that we should continue trying again till we succeed. The speaker says if we fail in our first attempt, we should not get disappointed. We should try again because then we will become courageous. If we persist because of this courage, we will conquer.

Summary itni lengthy nai honi chahie Post a Comment. Try Again- Critical Summary of the poem. June 04, Try Again.

The poet in this poem is a message of hope, courage and optimism while one is on the way to success. He is met by many obstacles and hardships. The poet advises not to renounce before the temporary hurdles which appears only to shake the courage of men. If one believe that he can, then he can surely overcome his fear and conquer the territory of success. The poet also emphasizes on the fact that there is no disgrace to foul in the first attempt.


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