Ted dekker circle trilogy order

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ted dekker circle trilogy order

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

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Black Audiobook Ted Dekker Audiobook Circle Series Book 1

Series: The Books of History Chronicles

Ted Dekker is one of the best novelist in the world, he is hardworking and talented at what he does. Ted Dekker is know for his suspense filled novels that will leave you glued to the book,the characters are crafted in a way that you will never forget them. His parents, who were denominational missionaries, were mostly away from home so John was left all alone at home, They lived in Indonesia a place in which the culture was very different to his. After graduating from high school, Mr. Dekker moved to the United States where he took up permanent residence. He started learning philosophy and religion in the United States and when he was done with studying, he joined the co-operate world until the early 90,s.

The Circle Series, formerly known as the Circle Trilogy until the novel Green was released in September , is a tetralogy of spiritually inspired novels by American author Ted Dekker.
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Art, Culture, and Life from a Distinctly Christian Worldview

Ted Dekker is never one to shy away from the hard questions of life. Now Dekker, who has sold more than 10 million books, has a new publisher and a new, two-book series. It takes readers back to the Circle universe. In the original series, Thomas Hunter, hero of the Circle books, must bridge two worlds, one threatened by a lethal virus and the other threatened by dark powers held at bay by a resistance group known as The Circle. The 49th Mystic is also the story of Rachelle Matthews, a blind girl in Eden, Utah, who dreams of another world. She wonders which world is real and which is the dream as she wakes up in one place or the other, sometimes blind and sometimes seeing. The whole device in this novel is a girl who is dreaming of a reality that feels real, and when she falls asleep in that reality she wakes up in this one.


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