Lotus flower blooming from seed

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lotus flower blooming from seed

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Published 21.05.2019

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Water Depth & Lotus Depth

Sacred to Hindus and Buddhists, the Lotus is the national flower of India. This hardy aquatic plant is native to southern Asia and Australia, but they can be grown in nearly any temperate climate under the right conditions. You can grow lotus from seeds or from tubers. If you grow lotus from seeds, they typically will not flower in their first year. Leave about inches between the top of the soil and the rim of your container. Lower the container inches below the surface of the pond.

When growing lotus from seed, you will notice that the Nelumbo seed is oval and about the size of a shelled peanut or round and about the size of a pea. One end of the seed has a point and the other end has a slight dimple--the dimpled end is where the seed was attached to the plant. Seeds can be gray, dark brown or black and the shell is extremely hard. Inside the shell are two brown coats and two cream colored coats. The brown seed coats are almost impermeable to water. This characteristic allows the lotus seed to remain dormant for years sometimes hundreds of years.

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The Lotus Nelumbo nucifera symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity. Nelumbo nucifera is known by a number of common names, including Sacred lotus, Indian lotus and Sacred water-lily. Lotuses are found in white and pink colors in general and they grow in shallow and murky waters. Lotus flowers enjoy warm sunlight and are intolerant to cold weather. This is why the Lotus is not seen blossoming in the winter.

Lotus Flower. We say this because the lotus flower's blooming and bearing fruit simultaneously represents the non-duality of cause and effect. As the cause is thus, thus is the effect. If the cause planted is one of Buddhahood, the effect will be one of Buddhahood. The lotus blooming and bearing fruit simultaneously also represents the "opening of the provisional to manifest the real.

What could be more beautiful than a blooming water lotus above a tranquil pond? Although water lotus plants can sometimes be hard to come by, they are not impossible to start from seed. Why not take on the challenge of starting one from seed this spring? Water lotus Nelumbo spp. According to Victoria Adventure, evidence suggests that l otus seeds have been viable after over years.


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    Lotus flowers are the earliest occurring angiosperm in the world.

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    Why Will My Lotus Not Bloom? Only leaves on my Lotus?

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