28 days of night movie

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28 days of night movie

28 Days Later (Movie) Series by Steve Niles

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Published 17.05.2019

30 days of night final fight

30 Days Of Night

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The spare comic 30 Days Of Night remains notable mainly for Steve Niles' ingenious premise of vampires feasting in the permanent midnight of northernmost Alaska, and for the graphic intensity of Ben Templesmith's drawings, which risk incoherence in the service of creepy impressionism. Director David Slade, who cut his teeth on music videos before making his feature debut with the two-person psychodrama Hard Candy , takes the film adaptation halfway home by getting the look exactly right. The charcoal grays and blacks of Templesmith's illustrations are achieved through eerie desaturation, fitting for a town that has much of its color drained from the neck. However, the film runs into problems when trying to expand a concise, gut-punch of a story into an ungainly two-hour narrative, bogged down by perfunctory elements that take the edge off the material. Located well north of the Arctic Circle, Barrow, Alaska is an isolated outpost of humanity that falls into total darkness for two months in the winter, a period that's here reduced to 30 days. For vampires, of course, the place is a blood-sucking paradise, because they're inured to the bitter cold being dead has its privileges and they don't have to worry about natural light turning them into dust. Bland as ever, Josh Hartnett stars as the town's low-key but resourceful sheriff, who teams up with ex-wife Melissa George and a handful of survivors to survive the day siege and vanquish the overwhelming vampire force.

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The story focuses on an Alaskan town beset by vampires as it enters into a thirty-day long polar night. Critical reviews were mixed. A sequel , Dark Days , was released on October 5, straight to home video. The town of Barrow, Alaska is preparing for its annual "30 Days of Night", a period during the winter when there is a month-long polar night. As the town gets ready, a stranger rows ashore from a large ship and sabotages the town's communications and transport to the outside world. Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson investigates and also learns that his estranged wife, Stella , missed the last plane and must stay the 30 days.



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