Texas history movies comic book

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texas history movies comic book

Texas History Movies by John Rosenfield Jr.

The history of Texas is so picturesque that there is a natural temptation to tell it in pictures. This was the idea behind the publication of The Texas History Movies, which were introduced in The Dallas News in the Fall of 1926. The History Movies were designed to entertain the reader, adult and juvenile, but soon were drafted by classrooms as an outline for the study of the story of Texas. The series of cartoon strips begins with the Spanish occupation of the New World and continues through Texas reconstruction following the Civil War. The authors of the series directed every effort to keeping the stories humorous, human, vivid and real. Thus the pictures themselves tell the story and not the printed captions, which serve in the fashion of cinema subtitles. Nor have the authors scrupled to use slang, colloquialism, modernisms, and deliberate anachronisms to project, what they believed to be, the spirit of an episode.
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The History of Comic Book Films: Part 1 (1940-1959)


Many will remember Texas History Movies , a cartoon booklet that was distributed to Texas history students from the s through the s by Mobil Oil with its familiar "Flying Red Horse" logo. For decades Texas History Movies taught thousands of school children the varied history of Texas, from Columbus to the discovery of oil. Though the original version is now considered racist, it was for many students the first and only taste of Texas history. It is with great pride that we announce the publication of our newest version of this timeless Texas history classic by the late Jack Jackson, award-winning scholar and illustrator. The New Texas History Movies is a totally revised edition with new cartoon strips and text by Jackson. Jackson gained fame as an underground cartoonist in the s and, later, as an independent scholar who specialized in the history of the Spanish presence in Texas.

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I thought this was the same comic book that was handed out in Texas when I was in the 7th or 8th grade. But it's not. Instead it's some kind of mish-mash of.
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Still, the word has been applied to at least one comic strip, in hopes that the popularity of one medium of expression might somehow rub off on the other. Those who have written about the beginning of Texas History Movies cite an alleged custom of s readers to refer to comic strips as "movies on paper". This custom is unreported elsewhere, but for whatever reason, that's the name chosen by Dr. Justin Ford Kimball, superintendent of Dallas public schools from , for the proposed comic strip, designed to teach Texas history to the state's children. Kimball may have thought the education would come more easily, if it came in the form of "paper movies".


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