Is the movie the entity based on a true story

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is the movie the entity based on a true story

The Entity by Frank De Felitta

Soon to be a major motion picture produced by James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring, Furious 7) and Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge)

[A] scary, intensely dramatic story of a woman rendered powerless by a potent and devastating adversary. - Publishers Weekly

Carlotta Moran, a young single mother with three children, suddenly has her life turned upside down when she begins to be attacked in her bed each night, violated by a spectral rapist. This brutal unseen force makes attempts on her life and terrorizes her children, but the worst part is that no one believes her. Among the skeptics is psychiatrist Dr. Sneidermann, who believes Carlotta is psychotic, a danger to herself and her children who should be committed. But two graduate students in parapsychology have a different theory: that Carlotta is being tormented by a powerful entity from beyond our reality, outside space and time. The tension builds to an electrifying conclusion, and the truth may be far more frightening than any of them ever imagined ...

Based on documented real-life events that happened to a California woman in 1974, Frank De Felittas provocative and disturbing novel The Entity (1978) is a classic of occult literature. Like De Felittas Audrey Rose (1975), which sold more than 2.5 million copies, The Entity was a worldwide bestseller, and was also adapted for a 1982 film starring Barbara Hershey. This edition features a new introduction by Gemma Files.

[Y]oull find this novel a compelling, frightening read ... a truly terrifying tale ... Careful plotting, well-wrought characters, and lots of scientific detail - along with the surefire appeal of sex, violence, and the paranormal - add up to a wonderfully scarifying experience. - Library Journal

A totally unique work of art ... one of the outstanding novels of the year. - Bestsellers

A blockbuster of its genre ... a skilfully told tale of modern day horror that will have you sleeping with the bathroom light on. - Detroit Free Press

Harrowing ... a thriller which pits psychiatry against parapsychology ... tightly written and well-researched ... disturbing, even thought-provoking. - Cincinatti Enquirer

The Entity takes the reader beyond reality, the reality of psychiatry, even the reality of parapsychology. It probes beyond fiction into the nightmare realm of truth. - Chattanooga News & Free Press
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The Entity is a American supernatural horror film directed by Sidney J. Furie , and written Like the novel, the film is based on the case of Doris Bither, a woman who claimed to have been . the actual case upon which The Entity is based as he "did not want to judge the characters and story in any way." Neither.
Frank De Felitta

The Entity Review

I first saw The Entity in as one of my Horror Movie A Day entries, and as was often the case when I noticed a film I enjoyed or was at least intrigued by was based on a novel, made a note to check out the source material when time allowed, only to forget about it due to the billions of other things that occupy my time. But I recently found Frank DeFelitta's original novel on one of my bookstore rummages, and with the new Blu-ray from Scream Factory coming today! The plot, for those unaware and just as a warning, rape is involved is about a woman named Carlotta Moran simply Carla in the film, played by Barbara Hershey who is raising three children and struggling to make ends meet living in a Los Angeles suburb. One night, presented as any other night at home, she is smacked across the face by an unseen enemy, and then thrown onto her bed, at which point her head is covered with a pillow to smother her cries for help as she is sexually assaulted. The following night it happens again, only this time her face isn't covered and she realizes that this isn't a flesh and blood person attacking her, but some kind of malevolent spirit.

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In this case, reality is more frightening than fiction because the true story behind The Entity is a much more harrowing ordeal than could ever be contained on celluloid. The story of Doris Bither, the woman whose life inspired the classic horror film, is one of addiction, abuse, and spectral rape. The haunting of Doris Bither was a true nightmare scenario. The Entity is one of the few movies based on true events that manages to capture the feeling of desperation that the real life counterparts surely felt, but it still can't come anywhere close to the real horror that Bither was forced to endure until the day she died. In , Doris Bither, a mother of four, was living with her sons in a small house in Culver City, California when she began to suffer a series of physical attacks that she claims were perpetrated by a group of ghosts. Two of them, she claimed, were small creatures who would hold her down , while the largest of the entities would be the one who raped her. One of her sons claimed to have seen Bither thrown around the room by an invisible phenomenon.


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