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i love movies what career

Independent Ed: Inside a Career of Big Dreams, Little Movies, and the Twelve Best Days of My Life by Edward Burns

An entertaining and inspirational memoir by one of the most prominent practitioners and evangelists of independent filmmaking, and the acclaimed writer, director, and actor (Saving Private Ryan, Friends with Kids, Entourage) whose first film—The Brothers McMullen—has become an indie classic.

At the age of twenty-five, Ed Burns directed and produced his first film on a tiny $25,000 budget. The Brothers McMullen went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995, and established the working-class Irish American filmmaker as a talent to watch. In the twenty years since, Burns has made ten more films (She’s the One, Sidewalks of New York, and The Fitzgerald Family Christmas), while also acting in big budget Hollywood movies (Saving Private Ryan), hit television shows (Entourage and Mob City), and pioneering a new distribution network for indie filmmakers online and with TV’s On Demand service (“why open a film in twenty art houses when you can open in twenty million homes?”).

Inspired by Burns’s uncompromising success both behind and in front of the camera, students and aspiring filmmakers are always asking Burns for advice. In Independent Ed, Burns shares the story of his two remarkable decades in a fickle business where heat and box office receipts are often all that matter. He recounts stories of the lengths he has gone to to secure financing for his films, starting with The Brothers McMullen (he told his father: “Shooting was the twelve best days of my life”). How he found stars on their way up—including Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz—to work in his films, and how he’s adhered religiously to the dictum of writing what you know, working as if he was just starting out, and always “looking for the next twelve best days of my life.”

Chronicling the struggles and the long hours as well as the heady moments when months of planning and writing come to fruition, Independent Ed is a must-read for movie fans, film students, and everyone who loves a gripping tale about what it takes to forge your own path in work and life.
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How To Get A Career In The Film Industry - No Film School Documentary

16 Best Careers for those who Love Movies

Although she was just three at the time, she can still recall the deeply intense feelings she had watching Atreyu trying to save his beloved horse Artax. FilmStruck host Alicia Malone is doing her dream job recommending movies and interviewing directors. That cinematic experience set in motion her lifelong passion for watching movies and her career as a film reporter, TV host and author. Storytelling is one of the most human things we do. Stories can connect us. They can divide us.

If you watch movies, you've surely noticed that some professions turn up a lot more often than others. Some fields detectives, journalists and prostitutes, for instance are overrepresented, while others are nowhere to be seen. When was the last time you saw a film about the struggles of, say, a network engineer? And screenwriters often use these professions as a way to quickly define their characters. While there are exceptions, many films -- even great ones -- have used occupations as shorthand for personalities or "types.


You may have guessed Office Space, but can you name our other picks for movies that offer often hilarious career lessons? Yeah, that happens all the time.

If you love movies and have always wanted to be a part of the glamour world, this post is for you! There are plenty of careers in film and television for those who want to work in Hollywood and earn a good name for themselves. Since you are hoping to do just the same, we have lined up some great careers in film industry or jobs for movie lovers , you will absolutely love. The movie industry jobs consists of many other types of jobs like film production jobs, cinematography jobs, film crew jobs, video production jobs, film studio jobs etc. This is probably one of the most vague titles you will ever get to see in Hollywood.


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