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"I'm so facked" Metisse - Boom Boom Ba, Dead Like Me: Life After Death (2009)


When Showtime cancelled the series, it was actually a bit of a relief. Many fans even believe it deserves the opportunity at being revived on the small screen in some way today. Since Dead Like Me first premiered and ended, there have been some changes made to the television landscape that could help nurture such an idea. Most notably, there are plenty of SVOD services that would be unafraid to take a risk on such a niche, dark program and allow it to be developed without heavy studio interference, giving it the space it would need to grow. The show is easily one of the most undervalued and unique T V gems of its time and we desperately wish there were more episodes of it to be enjoyed.

Written by Monika Bartyzel Very few shows get life after death. Rube Mandy Patinkin has gone into the light, the waffle house has burned down, and the reapers have to deal with the new, and quite controversial ideas of businessman and new head reaper, Cameron Kane.
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Filmed in Vancouver , British Columbia , the show was created by Bryan Fuller for the Showtime cable network, where it ran for two seasons — Fuller left the show five episodes into Season 1 because of creative differences; creative direction was taken over by executive producers John Masius and Stephen Godchaux. George dies early in the pilot episode and becomes one of the " undead ", a " grim reaper ". George soon learns that a reaper's job is to remove the souls of people, preferably just before they die, and escort them until they move on into their afterlife. George's death leaves behind her mother Cynthia Stevenson and the rest of her family at a point when her relationships with them were on shaky ground. The show explores the experiences of a small team of such reapers, as well as the changes in George and her family as they deal with George's death. The first scene of the pilot episode introduces an origin-of-death myth where at the dawn of time, god busy with creation gave Toad a clay jar containing death which Toad promised to guard.


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