James bond books not made into movies

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james bond books not made into movies

Carte Blanche (James Bond Extended Series, #45) by Jeffery Deaver

I really wanted to love this book, to slap 5 stars up and tell the world to go and enjoy this while the 3rd Daniel Craig movie takes yet another long year to film. Especially when you consider that Jeffrey Deaver is a world class thriller writer and the Daniel Craig Bond movies have demonstrated it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossbile task of modernising Bond and still maintain his essential anti-hero arrogance, unpleasantness, and cruelty all wrapped up in a redemptive package of bravery in the face of insurmmountable odds... then big things are expected of Carte Blanche.

Alas, as much as I enjoyed the book there are several fatal flaws:

1. Strangely the book seems overly long. Never a good sign that over the 2 days it took to read the hundred thousand or so words, I put down the book at least a dozen times. Judge that againnst the page turning tension of the longer Suzanne Collins Hunger Games when I read that from cover to cover in one session. But I did manage to pick it up again.

2. The old writers trick of limiting the Third person intimate Point-of-View of the protagonist so you are tricked into believing you are enjoying the ride inside Bonds shoes but no; it turns out you are not actualy privvy to his inner thoughts as the apparent dangerous situation, or life threatening peril that Bond finds himself in, turns out to be nothing of the sort: Bond had it under control all along with hurried post-mortem explanations of previously hidden vital information of Bonds actions. The first time this writer device was used I felt annoyed. The fifth time I was spitting blood. Its such a cheap literary device to con the reader with fake excitement. So for that I deducted one star.

3. Finally, the Bond character himself: Ian Flemming created a character of subtle satirical dry wit that seems unrecognisable in Carte Blanche. I might as well be reading a Lee Child Jack Reacher novel because this new Bond is so pleasant, so likable that he berates himself for being annoyed by irritating minor characters.

The whole point of Bond is that he is supposed to be an unpleasant, intensely snobbish bore who manipulates and exploits any weakness in people for his selfish ends. Especially other people who lack his all consuming passion for life at the edge and all its finest rewards and pleasures. But Flemming cleverly tempered this personalty with the background of a tragic childhood and the product of an English boarding school upbringing resulting in a longing to look up to authority father figures such as M.

Ian Flemming brilliantly held up the closeted and biggotted attitudes held by society and demonstrated its hypocrisy when Bond thunders and crashes into any situation requiring his ruthless efficiency.

But do we get the modern equivalent with the Carte Blanche Bond? Will you be shaken, and stirred? Will Carte Blanches licence to kill have you in Bonds gun sights? No, no, and NO! What we get is Bond the bleeding heart liberal who wakes with night sweats and troubled conscience for sleeping with a woman when he may be falling for a work colleague. WE get the errant Knight Sir Galahad who puts the beautiful and vulnerable date in a taxi and waves goodbye lest he be tempted to take advantage....OMG. WHy oh Why is Bond so wet?

When you consider that Daniel Craigs Bond is just as nasty and selfish and unlikeable as the Ian Flemming original; yet brilliantly portrayed as a complicated and flawed and vulnerable adrenalin junkie; why do we get such a feeble and bland Bond in this book?

So for that I took off another star.
This would have made a fine novel in the mould of Lee Childs Jack Reacher if the author had not adopted the baggage of James Bond 007 and decided to call his character something different like JAMES BLAND.
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James Bond - Property of a Lady 007 [Full Film Student/Fan Made]

With 23 Bond films now in the can, and Skyfall about to be released to So, without further ado, let's look at the best James Bond stories (for.
Jeffery Deaver

James Bond 25, and the untapped stories of the novels

Over the course of 11 years, Ian Fleming wrote 12 James Bond novels and nine short stories before his death in , forming the basis for the film series which survives to the present day. More often than not, however, the James Bond films have been adaptations in name only. Fortunately, this has left an abundance of material ripe for translation into new adventures for the filmic Bond. With this trend in mind, there are a number of other stories from which future screenwriters could take inspiration. The first and most obvious element to consider is the title.

The James Bond literary franchise is a series of novels and short stories, first published in .. This book, written in the first person, posits that Bond was a real person due to the radical differences between the film and the original novel of the he made Bond grey at the temples as a nod to the passing of the years.
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Like a bizarre anachronism created by a rift in time, the hard-living, woman-seducing, martini slugging James Bond endures somehow. Brandishing his gun all the time might be the zeitgeist image of James Bond, but all of that shooting of random henchmen is definitely more a movie or videogame thing. In the novels, Bond obviously has a license to kill, but the action of the books usually comes from him doing a lot of spying, rather than killing. Author Ian Fleming also attempts a degree of realism with the novels because, you know, if you were pulling your gun out all the time, that would attract attention. In some of the books, Bond will even leave his gun in his hotel room because he knows it might cause more trouble than it should!


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    First Bond book written since the movie series started. How come the James Bond movies were not produced in the same chronological short stories remaining that haven't been made into a movie although elements from.

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