Michael shivers american car center

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michael shivers american car center

Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

It is the time of the Great Depression.
Thousands have left their homes looking for a better life, a new life. But Marcus Connelly is not one of them. He searches for one thing, and one thing only. Revenge.
Because out there, riding the rails, stalking the camps, is the scarred vagrant who murdered Connellys daughter. No one knows him, but everyone knows his name: Mr. Shivers.
In this extraordinary debut, Robert Jackson Bennett tells the story of an America haunted by murder and desperation. A world in which one man must face a dark truth and answer the question-how much is he willing to sacrifice for his satisfaction?
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American Car Center

Bob Shivers, 42

I also worked on compound development. These efforts aligned with my background as a chemical engineer and allowed me to use my technical expertise while being exposed to the tire business. I had several co-ops with Cooper Tire which allowed me to see not only the compounding process, but also tire manufacturing plants and manufacturing processes. The complexity to create each component of the tire and assemble it was fascinating. I have moved closer to the manufacturing process with each position change at Cooper. I think everyone needs to get into the details of manufacturing to truly understand the business. One of the biggest challenges I have faced in my career is my transition from project leader to manager.

The company, which does business as American Car Center and is still run by its founder, B. Michael Shivers, Jr. Now RAC King is tapping the securitization market for financing that could further accelerate its growth. RAC originates leases to sub-prime obligors with FICO scores ranging from through its 32 company-owned dealerships. It puts these customers into vehicles that are two to four years old and have been driven an average of 60, miles, according to Kroll. He maintains a minority ownership and is closely involved in the day-to-day operations.

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    The company, which does business as American Car Center and is still run by its founder, B. Michael Shivers Jr., has since expanded rapidly.

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