Why did kronos eat his babies

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why did kronos eat his babies

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He ruled the cosmos during the Golden Age after castrating and deposing his father Ouranos Uranus, Sky. In fear of a prophecy that he would in turn be overthrown by his own son, Kronos swallowed each of his children as they were born. Rhea managed to save the youngest, Zeus, by hiding him away on the island of Krete Crete , and fed Kronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Greek Mythology/Titans/Kronos

Cronus was the youngest son of Uranus and Gaea , the leader of the first generation of Titans , and, for a brief period, the ruler of all gods and men. He successfully led the rebellion against his father, but soon grew as tyrannical as him, imprisoning both the Cyclops and the Hecatoncheires , and swallowing all of his children, save the last son; eventually, this child — Zeus — would be the one to overthrow him and lock him away in Tartarus. Cronus was the son of Uranus and Gaea , the youngest one of the original Twelve Titans. According to an isolated tale, Cronus was also the father of the centaur Chiron , whom he begot after transforming himself into a mare to mislead the jealous Rhea and secretly mating with Philyra, the daughter of Oceanus. Because his name was often confused with the Greek word for time, Chronos , Cronus was often depicted as Old Father Time, with whom, conveniently, he did share few characteristics: mercilessness, a beard, and a scythe. In fact, in many cases, the two are visually indistinguishable. Cronus played a crucial part in the creation of the known universe — first as a rebel against Uranus , then as the tyrant against whom Zeus led his rebellion.

Cronus , also spelled Cronos or Kronos , in ancient Greek religion , male deity who was worshipped by the pre-Hellenic population of Greece but probably was not widely worshipped by the Greeks themselves; he was later identified with the Roman god Saturn. He now became the king of the Titans, and took for his consort his sister Rhea ; she bore by him Hestia , Demeter , Hera , Hades , and Poseidon , all of whom he swallowed because his own parents had warned that he would be overthrown by his own child. When Zeus was born, however, Rhea hid him in Crete and tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead. Zeus grew up, forced Cronus to disgorge his brothers and sisters, waged war on Cronus, and was victorious. After his defeat by Zeus, Cronus became, according to different versions of his story, either a prisoner in Tartarus or king in Elysium. Article Media.

He overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age , until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. Cronus was usually depicted with a harpe , scythe or a sickle , which was the instrument he used to castrate and depose Uranus, his father. In Athens , on the twelfth day of the Attic month of Hekatombaion , a festival called Kronia was held in honour of Cronus to celebrate the harvest, suggesting that, as a result of his association with the virtuous Golden Age, Cronus continued to preside as a patron of the harvest. Cronus was also identified in classical antiquity with the Roman deity Saturn. In an ancient myth recorded by Hesiod 's Theogony , Cronus envied the power of his father, the ruler of the universe, Uranus. Uranus drew the enmity of Cronus's mother, Gaia , when he hid the gigantic youngest children of Gaia, the hundred-handed Hecatoncheires and one-eyed Cyclopes , in Tartarus , so that they would not see the light. Gaia created a great stone sickle and gathered together Cronus and his brothers to persuade them to castrate Uranus.

By deTraci Regula. Kronos is depicted as either a vigorous male, tall and powerful, or as an old bearded man. He doesn't have a distinct symbol, but he's sometimes pictured showing part of the zodiac—the ring of star symbols.
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According to the tale, Gaia was angry because Uranos had imprisoned some of their eldest children in Earth's own depths. For this reason, she asked her remaining children to destroy uranos.



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