America love it or leave it

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america love it or leave it

Cowboys and Cow Towns of the Wild West by Jeff Savage

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Published 26.04.2019

Ernest Tubb - It's America (Love it or Leave it)

America, Love It or Leave It!

Trump resurrected the '70s phrase for four congresswomen critical of the nation they were elected to serve. The left has its own version, vowing to leave the country if a Republican is elected president. They rarely do. On Monday, President Trump resurrected the phrase as he again publicly slammed four freshman congresswomen for their criticism of the United States and his policies. Pelosi felt obligated to defend the four congresswomen, but that may come at a cost.

America, love it or leave it! Its peak of popularity came during the late s and early s when Americans divided sharply over the Vietnam war. Country music legends Merle Haggard and Ernest Tubb sprinkled it into their lyrics; Tubb even made it the title of a song. New York City construction workers shouted it during their violent riot against anti-war protestors in in , just four days after the Kent State massacre. If fact, overt criticism and open defiance or our laws is nothing less than a broadside against the very constitutional system that produced them. So shut the fuck up or get the fuck out, you spoiled malcontent. Apoplectic over the Affordable Care Act, which was passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and sanctioned by the U.

This was a popular bumper sticker during the late s and early s. It was aimed at discontented left-wing radicals who claimed not just America was wrong to be fighting in Vietnam, but that it was evil for that reason and for many others.
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Jacob G. Hornberger

Anyone who lived during the Vietnam War era will recall that this was a favorite refrain of conservatives against anyone who opposed the war. We libertarians have often heard this refrain or a variation of it simply because we oppose the welfare-warfare state way of life that both conservatives and liberals have foisted upon our land. For decades, conservatives have accused libertarians of hating America and being ungrateful for all the good things that the federal government has supposedly done for us. The fundamental problem here is the conservative mindset. In the minds of conservatives, the federal government and America, the country, are one and the same thing. Therefore, it stands to reason that when someone criticizes the federal government, conservatives immediately jump to the conclusion that the critic is attacking America, hates his country, and is ungrateful for what the federal government and the country have supposedly done for him.

Santorum joined in a standing ovation for the pastor. The next day, the former Pennsylvania senator kinda sorta distanced himself from Terry's most bigoted remarks. He didn't clap during that part of the speech, he said. And besides, he added, "I wasn't quite listening to everything to be honest with you ital mine. He even has trouble hearing himself, claiming he said " blah people, " not "black people," to an interviewer in January.


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    Love it or leave it may refer to: Contents. 1 Politics; 2 Film and television; 3 Music. Songs. 4 Other uses; 5 See also. Politics[edit]. "Brazil, love it or leave it" ( Brasil, ame-o ou deixe-o), nationalist slogan of the Brazilian military dictatorship; "America, love it or leave it", a slogan that became common during Vietname.

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    For years, white Americans have been telling those who demanded reform but did not conform to their ideal of whiteness to simply leave.

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