Love yourself and you ll never be alone

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love yourself and you ll never be alone

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Published 24.04.2019

Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone

If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone. Maxwell Maltz. Announcement: Tired of being stuck in the past? Learn to let go and live a life you love.

Learn To Love Yourself And Loneliness Won’t Be Something You’re Afraid Of

What can we do if we wish we were in a relationship but we have not found the right person, yet? It is not always easy to be happy alone. Most people share the fantasy that once we find that significant person, who will make us feel special, we will be happy. According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development good relationships keep us happier and healthier. As most things in life, being in a relationship has its advantages and disadvantages. When we are alone but wish we were in a relationship the most common feelings are:. In order to be happy alone, we will have to entertain ourselves and find ways to remind us how wonderful, lovable, and special we are.

This is why I have fallen into love. So I could guard myself against the trauma of my past,

For one more time together to get it right. My intuitive side. It was never a fight over something that was present in my life or belonged to me. Over the feelings I had already lost. I can now be honest about this.

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