We don t want to go to school

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we don t want to go to school

I Dont Want to Go to School by Gene Wilikers

Before school fun

I actually liked that this book confronts a problem that my neighbor had with her little one. Believe it or not, when we let her read this cute book she laughed and had no problems going back to school.

That takes talent. I am grateful for the help that this book gave us last year and I am sorry that I am only now getting around to reviewing it. It got lost in the shuffle some how. Having just re-read it, I was reminded of her and what happened.

Great book for kids worried about school.
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What is School Refusal?

Day after day your child complains of headaches before school. She stays home and feels fine by lunch. Yet the next school morning, the symptoms are back. Your child expresses extreme fear, tantrums, and refuses to go to school. According to Wanda Fremont, M. School refusal is most common when a child first enters elementary school or during the transition to middle school — times of big adjustments. It can be associated with trauma or change at home; for example: moving, divorce, or a new baby.

Sue Roffey does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Abbott says the literacy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, especially for those in rural Australia, will not be reduced unless children go to school. He has a point. But more to the point is how this might be addressed. Issues of school attendance need a systemic analysis, not a blunt carrot and stick approach.

What it looks like

Don't Stay in School

Print article. Is this social? Is he embarrassed about his handwriting or about reading out loud? It may be necessary, Kohn says, to be a detective over time to try to arrive at a full answer, rather than go by what your child tells you at that moment. A pat answer, he adds, is probably not the solution. I would want to see if there really is a problem at the school in terms of how he or she is being treated by teachers or other children. Healy suggests making an appointment to talk with the teacher.


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    It is nearly impossible for me to make friends and the “friend group" I'm in now I don't suit well in. I want to leave but then I realize I have no one else to go to.

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    Parents are often shocked when a month into the school year their child suddenly says, "I don't want to go to school." Their child seemed to.

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    I Don't Want to Go to School | Gecko Press

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