Bernard of clairvaux song of songs

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bernard of clairvaux song of songs

On the Song of Songs 1 by Bernard of Clairvaux

Though this is only the first of a four-volume work, Bernard is intriguing enough as a preacher to merit a few words. His sermons on the Song of Songs take some getting used to, being filled with allegorical theology intermixed with some intermittently strange imagery. What ultimately drew me in was the ad hoc quality of what Bernard preached to his monks, giving the reader a sense that hes eavesdropping on a conversation many centuries old. Of course, we only get Bernards side of the dialogue, but the praise and reproach he offered his brother monks is none the poorer for that.
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Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts • Bernard of Clairvaux (1160)

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Bernard of Clairvaux

On the Song of Songs 1 (On the Song of Songs, #1)

At first glance, it is hard to imagine reading a collection of sermons on the Song of Songs from a celibate, medieval monk. Yet, in this volume, 20 of the 86 sermons on this scriptural book reveal Bernard of Clairvaux as a brilliant and transcending mind. He is a paradox too: everything gentle and academic yet clearly assuming many of the predominant medieval perspectives on theology. Bernard - 20 August is known today for a few key accomplishments amounted during his many years of service to the Roman Catholic Church and his Cistercian order. In many circles, he is remembered for his fervent preaching and advocacy for the second Crusade Bernard took it upon himself to rally public and theological support for the new venture, thus establishing a precedent that would continue far beyond his life.

Secondly, it is seen as an allegory of the love between an unnamed bride and groom, intended to extol married love in the sight of God. Lastly, some, taking the literal sense of the second interpretation—that of married love—say that it is a type of the union between Christ and his Church. Embarrassed, the woman ran away, but Solomon could not get her out of his mind. He returned, found her, and married her. Hence, the note contends, this book is about their love and marriage, though nowhere does it tell us where this story comes from.

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Only through the body does the way, the ascent to the life of blessedness, lie open to us. The Song of Songs has long held a privileged place in the mystical theology and monastic tradition of the church. Commentary on this erotically charged, enigmatic love poetry of the Bible runs like a thread from Origen d. Bernard d. John of the Cross d.

God is deeply in love with us, and wills our love in return. This love between the soul and God, which is the most intimate love possible, is expressed in the analogy of the bride the Church and the bridegroom Jesus , where the intimacy of love is especially expressed. Commentary on the Song of Songs is presented by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and takes the form of sermons on the meaning of the various allegories used in the psalms and are presented in the order Saint Bernard composed the commentaries. There are eight chapters in this book which is also known as the Canticles of Canticles, because they are full of high mysteries, relating to the happy union of Christ and His spouse: which is here begun by love; and is to be eternal in heaven. The spouse of Christ is the Church; especially perfect souls, everyone of which is His beloved, but above all others, the Immaculate and ever Blessed Virgin Mary.


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