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american dad why crow why

Crow Call by Lois Lowry

Two-time Newbery medalist Lois Lowry has crafted a beautiful picture book about the power of longing and the importance of reconnection between a girl and her father in post-WWII America.

This is the story of young Liz, her father, and their strained relationship. Dad has been away at WWII for longer than she can remember, and they begin their journey of reconnection through a hunting shirt, cherry pie, tender conversation, and the crow call. This allegorical story shows how, like the birds gathering above, the relationship between the girl and her father is graced with the chance to fly.
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Madam Crow

If you asked people who claim not to know anything about birds for a list of birds they know, chances are that the crow would be on virtually every list. Crows are common, large, noncryptic birds that are easily identified. Here in central New York, they are among the few birds that are obvious in the depths of winter other than chickadees at a feeder. But for all their familiarity, most people don't have a clue about the complex and interesting lives that crows lead. I have been studying the two species of crows in Ithaca since I arrived at Cornell in The small fish crow Corvus ossifragus is an inconspicuous resident that has only a small population here. It is primarily a coastal inhabitant of the southeastern United States but has expanded its range dramatically in the last few decades, arriving in Ithaca in the mids.

The same sort of humor and sarcasm is heavily used in this series but I find it to be slightly tamer. One of the most appealing aspects of the show to me is the characters. Some of thier stereotypes in American Dad and Family Guy are so hard to see past you lose some of the character. Alternatively I feel the characters more often break the mold then reinforce stereotypes. I feel like this is a huge improvement on other shows like it. Another great aspect to the characters is their relatability. Although all of them are great, Tina and Louise are by far my favorite characters.

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